Reaper 110 Skills adjustment.

  • Good suggestion, even if they have reasons to rework this skill in different ways I'm sure a middle ground could be found

  • I'd be fine removing the soul system from the 110 skill and making it into a pure teleport skill. With pull being so unreliable it can be difficult just to get 1 soul required to cast. I'd say 30m is OP since it doesn't leave much counter-play in regards to mages and archers playing around their range. I'd do 12-15m so that it's not a completely free tp into stun and ice lock.

    - Remove soul requirement

    - 12-15m cast distance




    Live by the Bow, Die by the Bow

  • The reason for the big range is because stifle makes it now hard to even touch a mage (who can actually play their class well) much less kill one. Archers are pretty much untouchable unless they miss a lot. Keep in mind this is still with the cast time. I really don't see how this would be OverPowered in anyway seeing how 135 WLs can easily stifle us forever (135 WL set) with a little gap which they can fill with sleep or fear or just slow us. Wizards can easily teleport away after the Killer's Order skill has been cast and they need to get away from us asap. Ofc SS just knocks us back, rangers just use their stun flower or vines or stun us; glads just Dash + Concussive Charge + roll their face on keyboard = death. I rest my case.