LF> Templar buff

  • Please make Templars at least semi viable in PvP.. aka give us debuffs on some of our skills or like give us something to be able to compete with the other classes. Right now, we are purely a pve class and I dont like this...

  • I have 0 knowledge of Templars but I have seen a few that were pretty good in pvp.

    Only they're really good... that being said, we have zero kiting ability, we have no debuffs and honestly, we need an advent buff.. 2 second stun aint jack in pvp.

  • templars were made as a support class like clerics. Templars can be good be good in pvp, I've seen it, you just have to learn how to play as one. Glads and locks will still own pvp no matter what.

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  • in all honesty, other classes do have less disables then fighters and mages. I am all for more disables. But that needs to be discussed on a reblance thread.

  • I just find crusader's weapon dmg and enhanced dmg a little lackluster, pre SQ.

    before level 100, i dont feel like they have enough abilitlies(Like clerics) to be able to be strong in pvp, alongside their slightly lacking weapon dmg o3o.

    I find their all round stats to be below average(base hp, physDmg,Mdmg,Aim,Eva), other than physical and magical defense.

    Not suggesting to buff them to have Glad dmg/defense, but having some debuffs, would really make them better

    Also a change in their 100 passive would be great. Remove the aoe dmg buff and single target dmg reduction skills(light orb & Light mark), and turn that into their new lv100 passive(keeping it an aoe passive).

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  • I honestly like a cleric for the aura protections and heals, I don't expect a healer/support to do damage, With that being said where are my dedicated healers at. *insert meme here*