My god.. Mystery Sale is a joke...

  • very disappointed with today's sale.. only items that didn't run out of stock within 10minutes were the 30 day sc suits(majority of the sales) and yellow Menian perm. bought one perm zombie fighter suit. Final item of the day, bogo t5 bundle, something I've been waiting for, for weeks. Charged SC to buy them, only to be told that the item is out of stock, 5-10minutes after being released...

    Seriously.... can I get a refund on my sc purchase?.... idk why I even bother anymore

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  • The mystery sale is trash...

    limited amounts...

    doesnt do justice.


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  • Yea, really sucks tbh. I don't like how it's only a very small minority that get lucky with SC purchases, while the rest of players get screwed over during mystery sales.

    Oh well, not surprising though. The whole system is based on keeping a certain amount of players happy (the lucky ones) at the expense of others, who will have to spend more SC to get the item they want in the future (eg. bundles, extenders, weapon skins).

    Having limited stock in Mystery Sale is complete BS, considering some people will even buy 50 T5 bundles/ 100 stacks of charms the very milliSECOND they come out on store, thus leaving several players empty handed.

    Complete utter bullshit.

  • Yep. I stopped charging for Mystery Sales for this reason. I’ll spend money when the items I want are in the store and I can guarantee buy them. Until then I’m taking my money elsewhere.


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  • Sounds awful but people are obviously charging alot of slime coins during them why else would they repeatedly put the mystery sale on ? They must be making some sort of profit.

    Anyway, hated the idea when it first came in and still hate it. I'd rather wait and pay the extra 10% for the unlimited stock. Gamigo think they are releasing the next range of louis vuitton bags the way they are taking the cash shop.

  • They're just trying to keep you wanting. If they gave everyone everything they want then everyone will stop wanting to buy stuff and they will lose money. Good job guys keep it up!