PvP Gods of Isya

  • Maybe you should make this thread about god’s of Isya during a certain time because this literally has everyone who pvps.

  • I have been following this thread for years more so than anyone else on server, which is why my name should be reincluded back on it the the lgend category

    Hector pls

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  • Why? Beast pvpers come at all levels. 3x-7x perms are technically much better than capped pvpers and if we decided to go cap it would be game over for you but when you capped ppl can't even beast us at our own low levels (which should be easy according to you) what use is there to come fight u at cap.

    - Average is fine, I am NOT a loser

  • As I already said, there reason why low lvl doesnt matter.
    1) you dont have access to full skillset
    2) you dont have enough stat/skill points to actually show that your setup is superior.
    3) While it is a strategy, to take up the field which none bothered claiming (making lvl 1 perm is an option too), but it serves no purpose. Yea sure can claim that you are best lvl 1 perm. Doesnt mean you will be effective at actually competitive lvl/cap.
    Next, gotta acknowledge GT, because its also pvp content. FBZ elements part of GT, but GT elements are not part of FBZ. Henceforth, player who performs well BOTH at GT and FBZ holds much higher rank than player who just succeeds at FBZ.
    I have seen some some good fbzers who sucked hard at GT because they failed to be flexible and learn how to get scores/flags scores.

    Using League of Legends as analogy, your cs/gold also matters, your assists matter. Cant evaluate player just by KDR (kill/death rating), because some people only KS kills but dont do teamfights or cant farm.

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    And what did YOU achieve?

    About time to answer that question.

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  • Sometimes we are too smart for our own good and analyze thing too much. Maybe low level perms are the future for this game, if we only knew.

    - Average is fine, I am NOT a loser

  • People name change every week I don't even know if this list applies anymore.

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