Differences between NA and EU

  • Hello everyone,

    Seeing as this forum is now both for the EU and NA versions, I think it would be interesting to see where there are some difference between the versions.

    I fear there might be a lot of misunderstandings of people from one version being confused when people from another version talk about something that's specifically different, so I hope this might become a thread we can refer to once this happens.

    So, anyone have any experience with both versions that noticed some differences big or small?

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  • I don't know if it still the case, but back in the day i made an account on EU so i could play with my little sister that only speak french and i was surprised by the fact that all the monsters were in different spots/maps. I was so shocked i never played on EU servers again (As well as the fact that my sister did not like the game either so)..queenlove

  • Quote

    So, anyone have any experience with both versions that noticed some differences big or small?

    I tested the 2.

    Differences for the wedding in game :

    FORMULAIRE DE DEMANDE (EU) = Free in game


    WEDDING APPLICATION (NA) = Paying in real money

  • From my experience from the latest "server test challenge" most of the discrepancies noticeable are related to the NPCs' names, Mobs' names, Item Drops, Gathering Materials and Titles.

    The EN EU client had still materials named with their old names such as "tough meat" "tender meat" "chewy meat" while we had them changed in "qualities" (low/medium/high/highest). There were some differences though, for example our old "Vanished Sign" (Sign LQ) is named "Tarnished Sign", the "Sap" is named "Wood Resin", the "Mini Greenky" mob is named "Mini Greenling".

    There were also titles I couldn't recognize such as "Arcane Mage" or "Marksman", untill later when I've realized the general naming differences, it was a bit confusing on the beginning haha!

    (Fun Fact: for some reason the tier of "Tender meat" and "Chewy meat" are swapped. The "Chewy meat", who for us was the "tier 3"/high quality type of meat for them is the "tier2"/Medium quality - I noticed this small thing because at some point there is a quest who ask one type of High quality meat who usually is very hard to find at that level range and I was like "oh wtf, I have a bunch of them already GREAT!!", untill I realized that nope, it was a misunderstanding. )

    Another amazing difference is the peculiarity the EU EN version has: at every promotion/job change, it resets all your skill points automatically once you complete them. I'd love to have this implemented to NA as well since I wouldn't worry anymore to save points for later, but I would probably spend them to actually enjoy the gameplay for those specific level ranges. (I levelled up to 6x so I have no clue if this resetting applies also for the level 100 class change).

    Most consistent difference is related to the mobs distribution on some maps: "Sand Hill" and "Scaffold Execution Ground" are the very first old versions of these maps with mobs in high quantities and mixed together, it really seem that EU never got that patch upgrade where the mobs were allocated in specific areas divided per type. Questing there was rather hardcore also for the huge quantity of mobs.

    I think there is also something different in some gameplay mechanics, for example I do recall a person mentioning me that mage's "Stifle" on Karen worked the way it worked for us long time ago.

    Lastly, I could open a huuuuge parenthesis in regard of the cash shop items, but that would probably require me a while! honeyhap

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  • I've switched from EU to NA and noticed the following difference:

    Wedding in EU is doable with ingame Items.

    Sand Hill EU has got marlone mobs instead of spiders, imps etc. (I was very confused!)

    Lv 20 job quest gave my archer an old bag, EU gives everyone a 7 day mount.

    Big difference: the skill points do reset after the Lv 20 job change for EU.

    I think I'll find more in the future.

  • There's way too many differences, they're almost like complete different games.

    Sad, really... As if they had same files then EU/NA could've merged years ago and saved many many many players.

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  • Eu was way more expensive when I played (cs wise)

    NA has additional grinding spots but the game from 8x + is essentially the same.

    Mages on Eu still retain the original stifle effect.

  • The wedding applications seem like a nice bonus. The 5% isn't even that big of a deal yet you have to pay for each character. 6 times per server if you have 6 characters.

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  • Yeah EU cs was way more expensive, we cried on forums pretty much non-stop for years until we got minor tweaks.

    Not been on Fiesta for years so I can't remember what the item was, but it was a pretty important item (had charms n shiz), and it was like 1.5k on NA and 16k on EU or something ridiculous.

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  • One of the differences between versions is the effect of the skill called stiffle. Theoretically this skill should "increase cast time by 4 seconds for 15 seconds" on the target that it is used on. This skill does what the skill description says on EU, but on NA the skill has no effect.

  • I actually liked EU better, it was or seemed to me more balanced and mobs in certain maps "made sense" to be there.

    It has been a while since I played fiesta NA, EU. I really can not say for sure which i would like now. I played both back at 105 cap.

  • The EU version does seem better in some aspects than the NA version. It would be nice to see some of the features implemented in the NA version. However, like @SGMKuroneko said, both EU and NA are completely different games and coding, which is why a merge is impossible and why some features cannot simply be copy-paste in the NA version. They would have to be remade completely and coded in the NA version. It is a shame though as i feel the EU version is more player centered and the NA version is more pay to have a good experience centered. queenlove

  • How do you even raid Karen on NA without stifle? slimespeech

    I tried playing on NA but the fact that I couldn't open more than one client at a time killed it for me instantly so I got up to level 30 or something like that.

  • There weren't any mimic and malephar quests in EU.

    The 95 - 109 PVP KQ in NA was 95 - 105 in EU instead.

    I might be remembering wrong though. Could be different in the non-English EU servers, too.

  • Satisfaction wasn't adelia pack like 18k?

    Anyway, you worked it out you could basically get 4x/5x 100% charms on the NA version for the price of 10 on EU.

    Yeah something like that bro. I remember making a huge sheet comparing the ridiculous price differences between NA and EU lmao.

    Pretty sure there was an NA cs item we begged for once, they finally added it at like 6/7x the price smfh.

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