Crusader Build

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    *Some of the information that will follow has been acquired from FiestaWiki*

    How about we start with the different classes that the Crusader has?:

    • Crusader
    • Templar

    Here are the different type of weapons that you will have access to:

    • Blades



    Crusaders are a hybrid class able to fill in many different roles in a party. They use a special force called “Light Power” to fuel their powerful magical attacks. They are the only class other than the Cleric who is able to heal themselves and their party. They can also deliver deadly physical attacks with their melee weapon.

    Crusaders can equip huge two-handed double edged swords called Blades. They can only wear armor appropriate for their class and level. Which attributes you chose to increase for your Crusader will change dramatically depending on how you would like to play your.

    Note: To create a Crusader, you must have a character level 60 or more on the server where you want to create a Crusader.


    • Can heal
    • Adaptable to different situations
    • Is able to deal single target and AOE damage

    Here are the current different Builds:

    • Full STR: To maximize the damage done to an enemy
    • 25 SPR Rest STR: Increases Max SP, Critical Rate, Magical Defense and Physical Attack Power

    *If you guys have any additional information on regards to skill points with different builds or simply any other information that could be useful to this guide, Please leave a comment and it will be my pleasure to apply all the necessary modifications! The Wiki guide was quite empty (so is this one) So let's add all the up to date information that we can!!