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    *Some of the information that will follow has been acquired from FiestaWiki*

    How about we start with the different classes that the Mage has?:

    • Mage
    • Wizmage
    • Enchanter
    • Warlock/Wizard

    Here are the different type of weapons that you will have access to:

    • Staff: has higher aim and a higher attack rate than wands.
    • Wand: has more damage, magic damage, and critical% than Staffs.

    Choosing between using a staff or a wand

    Apart from the above differences, the following should be taken into consideration:

    • When enhanced to +9, the difference between the total damages of the two types of weapons (of the same level) increases significantly
    • The difference in the accuracy of a basic staff and a basic wand of the same level is small, compared to the effects of aim scrolls
    • Green weapons have a variety of mods. Increased aim, base magic damage, critical%, +INT (which adds directly to mdamage), +DEX (which adds directly to aim and evasion), +END (which adds to HP and defense), +SPR (which adds to SP and magic defense), and +STR (useless as far as spells are concerned), are all possible on either a staff or a wand. It is likely, with the right mods, that a green staff is superior in all practical aspects to an NPC wand, or a green wand with less desirable mods (if they are enhanced, the wand will still come out to have more magic damage at +9).
    • Bear in mind that the +END mod also adds to HP and defense; both are highly desirable for mages. The presence of highly desirable mods may take priority over the effective magic damage
    • Dungeon Boss weapons (King Marlone, Zombie King, Giant Goblin King, Chief Guard, Giant Orc Captain, and Giant Harpy prefixes) have elevated aim, magic damage, and critical% compared to NPC ones. Additionally, they may have mods (up to 4 sometimes), some of which will further increase the aim and magic damage of the weapons. Even without taking into account the mods on these weapons, they are effectively green weapons with +INT, +DEX (just the aim), and increased crit%
    • If the staff or the wand is blue, then congratulations! There is really no need to ponder at this stage

    The differences between staffs and wands are not as clear-cut as the differences between maces and hammers are, so more thoughts should go into the pick. The best way to do this is to compare the weapons in concern side-by-side. Weapon stats aside, staffs and wands have dramatically different appearances; this may well affect your preference. Also, both weapons, when enhanced to +9, can be either cyan or pink.

    Mages Armor

    • Much less defense than any other class, But more magic defense.
    • As you are first starting out I would recommend you keep up to date on all your armor so you can take a few hits from the things you can kill.
    • As you level up you will notice some armor has a green name and that some armor even has stat bonuses. Stat bonus's are what you should look for with any mage here is the best route to go you will also need to be a skilled money maker to afford these items check out the money making guide.

    Stats in Armor

    INT is extra attack power and doesn't everyone need that? END is great! It adds that extra little bit of protection and hp. DEX is wonderful for wand user's, if you use a staff you don't really need the extra DEX. SPR is more SP and magic defense. Mages never need STR and it is completely useless to any and all mages. SPR from armor or weapons does not add critical rate! Armor can have more than 1 type of stat bonus, It can have many INT + SPR + END is what i would look for in the armor. These are very rare and will cost a fortune but they are worth every silver you spend on them.

    Here are the current different Builds:

    • Full INT- A very generic build that increases the damage output by mages even higher than they were before, basically making them death-with-a-staff/wand
    • 25 SPR/Rest INT- While it doesn't have as much damage output as the build above, it can still take down monsters very quickly. With that extra 25 SPR your SP pool will be bigger and you take even less damage from magical attacks.
    • END Builds- DO NOT put any END into your build, without a shield and with little base defense, the Mage class will only hurt if you put any points into END.

    *If you guys have any additional information on regards to skill points with different builds or simply any other information that could be useful to this guide, Please leave a comment and it will be my pleasure to apply all the necessary modifications! The Wiki guide was quite empty (so is this one) So let's add all the up to date information that we can!!

  • As far as stats go, OP isn't bad.

    For Free Stat points, INT will be your main stat no matter the class. Warlocks enjoy 33-50 DEX because of lower aim on wands. Not necessary for Wizards, but wouldn't hurt if you prefer adding it.

    Stats on gear is END/DEX for EVERY class. STR and INT on gear only adds a single point of character window damage per stat, thus 50 points of STR/INT is nothing compared to 20k from an enhanced weapon.

    Skill builds for mages are pretty straightforward... DMG/CD on MB, CD on AOEs, etc... Can ask friends in game or even the occasional friendly high-level for more details.




    Live by the Bow, Die by the Bow

  • Personally I prefer full int. I don't use sc much at all but there's lots of critical to be found in game on boots, weapons, earrings and the like. I do have a 25spr rest int mage at lv86 but tbh I didn't really notice much difference in dmg when I levelled my full int wl.

    Maybe 25spr would be better for wiz with the aoes critting. Can't say for sure though. Haven't made a wiz yet.

    My wl skill build at lv105 is

    MB. 5cd/5dmg

    CC. 5cd

    Fear. 5cd/5dur

    Ice field. 5cd

    Inferno. 5cd

    Nova. 5cd

    Sleep 5cd/5dur

    2 points spare.

    I don't pvp much so I can't say if it's a good build for that but it works great for me In pve, especially so in dt. As I said, I don't use much sc at all but I have never felt I needed to anyway. I pretty much solo'd my way to 105, including instances. Gearwise I wasn't amazing, just high end +0-3 blues and a cheap +9/10/12 weapon all the way to 105.

    Someone more experienced than me would have to say If this works post 105 though as I've never had a higher level than that.