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  • Subject: Event Weapon "Sword of Teva Lv. 75" keeps asking for confirmation every time I equip it through right-clicking or pressing shortcut keys.

    Current Situation: I have this very old weapon given out during a GM event back in the day during Fiesta Online's early days, way before the servers merged. The problem is, every time I equip the darn thing by right-clicking or pressing a shortcut key, a prompt pops up asking "Use Sword of Teva Lv. 75? OK/CANCEL" and it's very frustrating during quests and PvP when I try to switch weapons in the middle of a fight. You have to manually click on the prompt every time or else the weapon won't equip. It defeats the purpose of the shortcut keys. Clicking and dragging the weapon works fine without an issue

    The Halloween event weapons Lv. 25/40/55 don't ask for confirmation whatsoever when you equip them in any way. They equip normally like any other weapon. I tried disabling "Confirmations" in the game settings, but it hasn't done anything either.

    Expectations: Please remove the confirmation prompt every time a Teva Weapon from the old GM event is equipped through right-clicking or pressing a shortcut key. I'm sure the same issue applies to the rest of the Teva weapons.

    Reproduction: Always

    Screenshots/Videos: https://imgur.com/kDrkijN

    1. Subject: Present Box - Kingdom Quest Reward ( Does not indicate which quest though - Looks like Red Present Box )
    2. Current situation: Does not give any rewards when opened
    3. Expected situation: Suppose to give rewards
    4. Client Version: Updated - this occurs for versions
    5. Reproduction: Always - it is always empty
    6. Screenshots / Videos:
      1. Note** These boxes may have been from previous as the account has been recently restored. I am helping my husband report the bug, his ign is potz. He sent in a ticket but was told to post here.
  • handles Umm, its possible that they are the old KQ boxes from release to 2014.

    or they broke after the merge..


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