[Guide] How to make a bug report

  • Hello bug hunters!

    In this thread you will learn all the important information how and where you can report bugs. Before you report a bug, please read the information regarding bug reporting in this thread. As a result, we can process the bug reports faster and there are usually fewer queries, reducing the time between reporting and fixing the bug.

    How do I report a bug?

    If you find a bug, then you can easily send it with the bug template and all necessary information to one of our Bugtester (BT) by private message (PN) in the forum. Please refrain from sending the same report to several different BugTester. Every BT will try to take care of the report as soon as possible and then inform you whether the whole thing could be reproduced and thus also forwarded. If we're missing specific information about your report, we'll ask you for more helpful information until the error is found.

    Our bug testers (BT):

    The bug tester in the forum are recognizable in the forum by the green names. So that you do not have to search for a long time, there is a list of all bug testers to which you can send your reports. Just click on the name and you will be redirected to the profile of the respective BugTester.

    [BT] Seryn

    Bug template

    In order to make the processing of the bugs as easy as possible, a uniform structure that always sorts and builds up all the information is extremely helpful. Please use or copy the following bug template in your private message (PM):

    1. Subject:
    2. Current situation:
    3. Expected situation:
    4. Client Version:
    5. Reproduction:
    6. Screenshots / Videos:

    Here you can find an example on how to fill the template:

    • Subject: Please select as subject a short description of the bug you want to report.
    • Example: Level 61 - Quest - "Reward for the Dark Crystal" not received
    • Current situation: Please write here under what circumstances the bug occurs and describe in short sentences what exactly the error is.
    • Expected situation: Please explain how the result should be if the bug did not occur or does not exist.
    • Client Version: Please specify the version of the client where the bug occurs.
    • Reproduction: Please indicate how often the bug can be reproduced and what steps may need to be repeated for it. You have the following options:
      • Always: The bug always occurs when reproduced according to your specifications.
      • Sometimes: The bug only occurs sometimes or irregularly when reproduced according to your specifications.
      • By chance: You do not know exactly how or what you did or the bug occurs under different circumstances.
      • No statement: You can not say anything about the reproduction.
    • Screenshots / Videos: Please make a screenshot or a video for each bug report and attach it to the bug report. If possible, mark the issue spot in red.

    Videos should be limited to the essentials, meaning that the videos may be cut as long as no significant information about the bug is lost. In addition, we ask that you do not deposit the videos with any background music, as these are only disturbing and out of place. Furthermore, the quality on hosters such as YouTube for purposes of use must be at least 720p.

    Based on the screenshots or videos, we should be able to reproduce the bug, but reproduction information is always helpful.


    Your Fiesta Online team

  • Bug template 60 job change

    Subject: i do all 60 job change stages and stayed hige cleric and not a paladin

    Current situation: lvl 72 hige cleric

    Expected situation: become a paladin

    Client Version: Isya server char nickname : iR3m1x

    Reproduction: always.

    Screenshots / Videos:

  • Hello, slimeghost

    1. Subject: SS Skill Bug
    2. Current situation: In an attempt to use SS/Ranger Skills "Distant Shot" and "Absolute Arrow" the skills do not finish casting. They are interrupted instead.
    3. Expected situation: To be able to use the skills w/o the channel glitching
    4. Client Version: NA / Isya Server / Char name: Leukos 120 SS
    5. Reproduction: Sometimes:

    Step 1) Target an enemy / Step 2) Use D-Shot or Absolute Arrow / If it works, try over and over. Sometimes it glitches, sometimes it works.

    1. Screenshots / Videos: For some reason, I cannot submit my video on this forum. I have sent in the video to the support team who I originally contacted as they told me to post a complaint on here.

    Thank you!

    Best Regards,

    Leukos     winkwink

    NA Isya Server

    <<< Valiant Guild Member & Bougie Guild Admin >>>

    <<< Leukos 121 SS >>>

    <<< Laudanum 105 HK >>>

    <<< Nouri 70 Enchanter >>>

    <<< Salacity 60 Renegade >>>

    <<< Erythritol 50 Fighter >>>

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    1. Subject: Skill recipe scroll bug
    2. Current situation: when I click on the scroll to learn the recipe, it says that my character cannot learn the skill. This happens on all my characters.
    3. Expected situation: I want to be able to learn the recipe.
    4. Client Version: NA / Isya Server / Char name: Klaire_Kei 98 high cleric, Igotchuboo 32 clever fighter, Luciole lvl 20 hawkarcher, MinisterKei 60 crusader
    5. Reproduction: always.
    6. Screenshots / Videos:
    1. Subject: 3 Items from quest line bugged
    2. Current situation: 3 items that bind to character from quest line (I believe its quest line Sleeping Disorder 1) do not get taken when completing the quests and afterwards are unable to be dropped and destroyed.
      The three items are: Rune Leaf, Mandragora Potion Recipe, and Antidote for Etty
    3. Expected situation: For the quest to take the items, or at least to be able to drop and destroy said items after quest completed. (They are stuck in my inventory.
    4. Client Version: 1.02.274
    5. Reproduction: Always (in the bottom right menu where exp is listed it will say "Cannot drop bound item")
    6. Screenshots / Videos:




  • Hi, the characters are finally able to learn skills.

    However, now I have another issue with enhancement weapons for T4, unless it is my mistake of course:

    1. Subject: Enhancement bundle "the enhancement level is not matching the level of the blue mile" error
    2. Current situation: when I try to enhance my Tier 4 equipment (lvl 95 armor) with T4 elrue and the enhancement bundle lvl 4 items I get the error message in the subject line about the blue mile. I tried to remove it, and without the blue mile it would work, so not all items in the bundle have this defect.
    3. Expected situation: I want to be able to enhance with my bundle for T4 equipment.
    4. Client Version: NA / Isya Server / Char name: Klaire_Kei 108 high cleric
    5. Reproduction: always .

    If this is entirely unfixable, is it possible to get a stack of T4 blue mile free to fix this issue or partial reimbursement?


    1. Subject: Mini House from Stamp Shops in Roument not working
    2. Current situation: Succulent Cake Mini House is invisible to me and to others so i cant use to vend at all
    3. Expected situation: I could vend with the Mini House
    4. Client Version: NA // Isya Server// La_Bastarda lvl 31 Cleverfighter// Client Version 1.02.276
    5. Reproduction: Always
    6. Screenshots / Videos:1.png




    Was wondering if i could get any kind of mini house for 7 days, just to not lose the stamp used to buy that please and thanks

    1. Subject: 118 repeat is bugged for me
    2. Current situation: I did the prequests the night before and the next day the selling junks quest wasn’t there anymore.
    3. Expected situation: the quest should be showing in the “in progress” or “available “quests lists until you out level it.
    4. Client Version: 1.02.277
    5. Reproduction: Always
    6. Screenshots / Videos
  • Gladiator's cross counter ability is bugged as well and has been for several months now. It's effective on all abilities now when it's only supposed to work on abilities with long animations and auto attacks.