Recruitment for Fiesta Online (NA) Game Tester Volunteer

  • Hello you! Yes, you!

    Have you always wanted to wear the fanciest pants before the others can lay their hands on them? You’ve never had Karen for yourself and always wanted to have a look at Bera from a bird’s eye view?

    Together with you, we want to test and improve the game and work hand in hand with the developers to shape the future of Fiesta! Apart from testing new cash shop items, we will test the most brilliant new content, find old and new bugs alike and forward them directly to the developers. We are also open to any innovative ideas - if you are a creative mind, your ideas might find a way into the game.

    Your responsibilities:

    • Support of the Fiesta Online forums
    • Testing brand-new updates as well as existing content
    • Providing feedback for existing and upcoming features and content
    • Gathering ideas and developing concepts for new features and content

    What are we looking for:

    • Must be of legal age
    • Good command of English
    • Enthusiasm for digital games, especially MMORPGs
    • Profound knowledge of Fiesta
    • High stress tolerance
    • Reliability
    • Attention to detail
    • Understanding of the scientific method
    • Ability to work both independently and in a team

    What do we offer?

    You will gain valuable insights behind the scenes of one of the leading providers of free-to-play online and mobile games in Europe and North America. You will also work independently with our intercultural and dedicated team on the development of Fiesta Online and you will be one of the first to know about upcoming changes with the possibility to propose game changes directly to our developers.

    If you are interested, seize the opportunity and convince us with your application in English! The e-mail should have „GameTester Application“ as a subject.

    Please send your application via support ticketand choose "Game Master" for the 'Type of Issue'.

    Apart from a convincing motivation as to why you would like to join our team and your game experience, please make sure to provide the following information as well:

    • your full name
    • date of birth
    • first language + additional languages
    • a complete list of all your characters including language version, server name, character name and level
    • forum user name

    We are looking forward to seeing you,

    Your bug tester team