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    *Some of the information that will follow has been acquired from FiestaWiki*

    How about we start with the different classes that the Fighter has?:

    • Fighter
    • Clever Fighter
    • Tanker Warrior
    • Battle Warrior
    • Knight/Gladiator

    Keep in mind that it is recommended to keep a sword and a shield even if your Fighter is not a tank as well as to keep a 2 handed Axe/Sword if you are a tank. This is in case your character needs a little more defense while attacking a higher lvl monster or more attack when attacking a lower lvl monster.

    Here are the different type of weapons that you will have access to:

    • One Hand Sword & Shield - Fast speed; Moderate damage.
    • Two Hand Sword - Slow Speed; Moderate/High Damage.
    • Two Hand Axe - Very Slow Speed; Very High Damage.

    No matter what build you will chose, keep in min that END will always be very useful as it will increase your defense and max HP. Depending on which build you choose, STR can also be very useful as it will allow you to fight monsters at a faster pace. DEX will also be very useful as it will increase your chances of missing an enemy attack, this stat is very appreciated in a piece of armor. If you are looking for a way to boost your critical attack, SPR can always be an option. It will also increase you SP. Please always keep in mind that INT is useless for a Fighter and makes a piece or armor less likely to be useful.

    Here are the current different Builds:

    Knight- Tanking class with average dmg potential.

    • Full END- This build makes your character a brick wall with high HP and defense. The biggest weakness of this build is magical defense.
    • 25 SPR/Rest END- Like the build above but gives some SPR for better Mag. defense and critical hits, which will be needed because of this builds low damage output.
    • 50 END/50 DEX/25 SPR- This build gives good evasion and block rate. The SPR is to add some critical and mdef, because END/DEX becomes useless after 50 free points.
    • 50 END/33 DEX/25 or 55 SPR/Rest STR- If you want to make decent pvp knight, its worth trying this build. Just having 25 SPR gives more damage, while 55 SPR provides extra critical and Mag. defense.

    Note: You can add STR to any of these builds but make sure you have some stat reset scrolls in case you want to reallocate those points.

    Gladiator- Damage dealing class, should concentrate mainly on evasion, critical hits and damage output.

    • Pure STR- The glass cannon of the fighter builds, this allows for your character to do tons of damage but will more-than-likely die very quickly unless your armor has high END.
    • 33 DEX/ Rest STR- Similar to the class above but with an aim boost that helps lower the miss possibility (If you really don't like missing, going up to 67 in DEX should help, but no further.)
    • 50 or 67 DEX/25 or 55 SPR/Rest STR- This build is a little more complex than the ones above as there is a different amount of DEX and SPR for whatever weapon you plan to use. With 2 hand swords, you should go for the 50 DEX as you will be attacking faster. You can also put 25 or 55 SPR for those critical hits but remember that this is optional and you won't have many points to put into STR. For Axe users, around 67 DEX will be better because of their slow attack rate and needing every hit to count. With this, you only have the option to put in 25 SPR because you will have almost no points left to put into STR.
    • END builds- Putting points into END is not recommended for Gladiators due to the absence of a shield for the block-rate boost. However, it is VERY recommended that you make up for the low defense by obtaining armor with high END.

    Here are the two main Builds

    • Damage-Dealing - Just like the name suggest, the point of this kind of fighter is to deal as much damage as possible. While they can't take damage as well as Tanks or Clerics with high END builds, they can clear out a room quicker than either one minutes faster. While you would normally need another tank so you don't die, damage-dealers are beside the tank taking out huge amounts of the enemies life.
    • Tanking - While partying with other people, fighters usually become what is known as a tank. They hit the monster first to make it come after them. A cleric in the party continuously heals the tank while the others bombard the monster with attacks. The basic point of this type of fighter is to gain as much aggro from the monsters so that they will not attack your other team mates while they rain down destruction.

    *If you guys have any additional information on regards to skill points with different builds or simply any other information that could be useful to this guide, Please leave a comment and it will be my pleasure to apply all the necessary modifications! The Wiki guide was quite empty (so is this one) So let's add all the up to date information that we can!!