Leveling guide! your way from 1~60

  • Hey guys! I'm here to share how I get to lvl 60 in less than a day or so (Depending on your game habits;()

    Starting off

    Levels 1~ 21:

    This is pretty simple to do considering after the tutorial, It leaves you at level 5 to begin with. so from 5~10 you're just going to follow quests given to you other than the kingdom quest ones for those take up valuable time. I wouldn't bother with the greenky rep given to you at level 11 unless you need it (which I don't think you will) . Once level 12 You obtain 2 reps called "Disease Carriers" and "Medicinal Herbs", with these, you can easily get to level 15 and also obtain up to a stack of both eldy and roumen teleport scrolls (Which can come in handy in later levels like when you need DT). Now since you have some saved quests, finish those once you're level 15 and just keep on questing until level 20. Try to avoid long drawn out quests, for they are *Usually* not necessary.

    Levels 21~ 42:

    2x is fairly simple, your lord and savior through this is the TOWER OF IYZEL you receive a quest per level up for this dungeon and they will give you so much experience, however try to limit your trips for when you have around 3~5 of these quests and also I usually go when i'm at around 50% so that when I level I get the next one for the following floor. Combine this with your burning hill quests and you should get to lvl 30 in no time at all! Try to save some quests for lvl 31 because the quests given arn't the best. (By this time you can also grind secret society soldiers in DP2 for 1k exp each). continue on with the easier quests that include mob grinding, for the ones that include stuff like sage or rosemary can take a bit longer. Level 38 you get a nice rep for hobs collecting rakes known as "Harvest 2" (You must complete the Harvest quest prior to this one), and you can do this quest until 42. (You can find tons of these mobs near the moonlight tomb portal in sand hill).

    Levels 42~ 60:

    This level bearing is both the hardest and the easiest depending on how you play it. At level 42 there are 2 options: Do the reps and save your quests (Slower but more efficient) Or do all the concealed peak / Dark Underground Entity quests and the ones saved from before during the hob rep. either way, they should get you to the same point. with these at hand, you're going to want to try to use them to get to level 44 which is were a main rep occurs - A quest called "Best Broomsticks" (although you need to complete the 2 prior to earn the rep) the mobs for these quests can be found around C8 on your map of Goblin Camp and don't worry - there's lots! Along with that rep, you also get another one at 44 called "Fantastic Items" which uses the exact same mob. I would take my time with these quests for they go until level 48 however at level 47, you get a new rep. At 47, you get a rep called "A Secret Request" And this requires 12 Goblin caps which can easily be obtained by the mobs around i1 of your map at goblin camp. This also gives you concentration scrolls which cannot be made by the players. this rep continues until level 51. Try to go as long as you can on this rep, even though the quests at level 49 give hefty amounts of exp. from whatever level you chose to stop, quest until level 53 where you get your next rep called "Delivery Delay" , this rep can be done with the bats and lightning vivis in SEG (Scaffold execution ground, Bats are around E3, Vivis are around G3 between the wall and hill) and this rep continues until level 57. and from 57, you can just continue on with the quests you have saved until you reach level 60! :)

    And there ya go! This is how I usually get to level 60, however everyone is different so you may easily find yourself an adaptation to this :P

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  • Level 50 for 5 days of casual playing. I remember having different reps from 51-59 or smth but this was years ago so will see the new reps for 50-60

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    BertIsHere has a guide from 60-cap (Link here) however this doe not include any instance dungeons.

    I havent been past level 105 though so I wouldn't be able to do anything above 105

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  • once you hit level 100 your life is now about repeatable quests, Literally. Except lvl 109 and 124. So pretty much is just killing the same mob over and over for about 2 or 3 levels then move onto the next one.

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