Arena suggestions

  • Which suggestion would you like to see Put in the most? 11

    1. Remove all Charms/magic potions from arena. (6) 55%
    2. Add in additional ways to gain Arena coins. (3) 27%
    3. None of this is necessary/Keep it the way it is. (1) 9%
    4. Ban players that afk/don't participate. (1) 9%

    Hey, just like to start this topic off, as I know many people are becoming frustrated with various issues with the current arena and how it operates.

    Now I know that the developers don't have to do any of these suggestions, but it would be nice to see some(or all) of them done.

    My first suggestion involves a common issue, and that is players using Charms and magic potions. This issue gives certain players a huge advantage over other players who for various reasons either do not use, or cannot use premium items. So to even the playing field, it would be nice to see all SC consumables become unusable in Arenas, and any premium consumables items that were active prior, should be deleted upon entry into the arena.

    For the second suggestion, Im hoping that the devs can find a more efficient team matching system. As of right now, it is highly unbalanced, and its common to see many teams filled with the max lvl for the arena, while the other team is made up of lower level players. This is an obvious issue, as in many of the arena level ranges, the max level ends up having a major advantage over all other levels due to skills weapons and other gears. A second issue within this suggestion is a balancing of character types. For example, if there are four of one class registered, then they should be split into seperate teams.

    I would like to see the team pairing become more even, even if it is just based on Character class and level.

    My third suggestion involves "win trading". In many cases, this is paired with the first two issues, but also included a new issue of players who do not participate in the Arena. AFK has become a common issue across KQ's, however i feel this strongly affects the out pairing of teams, and in turn the success of a team. It is a common practice for friends to "help each other out" when it comes to arenas, by joining an arena, I have no issues with that. The issue i see is players then AFKing to reduce their teams effectiveness so that their friend is able to get a win. As mentioned in a post regarding AFK in KQs, i feel that there should become a reporting method with temporary bans put in place, for anyone who joins the arena but does not participate.

    Now for my last suggestion, I think that there should be a secondary method to winning arena coins. Currently as most people know, the only method to gaining arena coins is to either win or tie.

    I would like to see a new method based on your participation, and the way I would suggest implementing a new payout method, is to gain arena coins by destroying the Arena Crystal during the match.

    This would give the losing team a chance to still gain coins, and to help the winning team complete their Legendary weapons faster. My suggestion is to grant one coin for every time your(or a party member) destroys the Crystal, to a maximum of five coins for that match.

    As I have discussed this so far with many players that are currently trying to make Legs. Many have agreed this suggestion would be a welcomed one, but think that having this added would take away from the actual Capture the Flag pvp aspect. I however see it as an opportunity for more fighting, as if someone is attacking the crystal, others can kill him/her before they are able to destroy it, and then destroy it for themselves.

    I hope this makes sense, and that many agree. It would be pretty awesome to see some of these suggestions implemented into the game.

    I'll leave it at that for now, but anyone with suggestions, feel free to continue the topic.