Yawn’s Warlock Guide

  • The guide is up to date. You might not want to put max cool down into chain lighting (110 skill) but just scanned it over everything else is fine.

    Guide is not up-to-date.

    Here are the following changes not in your Guide:

    Lvl 55 Gabriel Set:
    (No longer CD on Drain Mind)
    2-piece effect = Reduce SP of Fire Bolt.
    3-piece effect = Reduce CD of Magic Blast.

    Lvl 110 Hell Fire Set:
    (No longer duration of Inferno)
    2-piece effect = Increase Damage of Fire Ball.
    3-piece effect = Reduce SP of Inferno.
    4-piece effect = Increase Damage of Inferno.

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  • good spot

    Also just got DMed a suggestion which ill post here from Exocism.

    Ill edit the guide with updated info when i have the time.

    Any suggestions please post/dm

    We can always progress this guide with the times/others input.