Sandboxie work around ! [Temp]

  • This only works for a maximum of 10 minutes. Not enough to actually play and ends up in XIGNCODE stopping the program

    Seem’s to differ person to person. Taking into account their virus protection etc I can only stayed logged on for a half an hour period regardless if I am using sandboxie or not. The issue you are outlining is different from the one being discussed here. People point blank cannot use sandboxie to multi log.

    The main issue this is fixing, for most players, are the launcher errors such as the one outlined below (have seen several this basic fix resolves those issue)


    Any questions just ask.




    I imagine we will have an e maint tomo.

  • Hey, now you can open more than one account just using the normal launcher and maybe you know that already but I just wanted to leave this comment here so other people can see it.


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