Your voice counts! - Suggestions for the itemshop

  • BOGO Super Enhancement Bundles

    Perm Red panda mount

    Perm White Racoon mount

    Perm headless Rider Suit

    Perm Blue Queen's Memento

    Perm Red Valentine Suit (husband need to match <-<)

    Perm Alpine Melody suit

    Perm Solean Fancy

    Perm Legendary Tails| Ears

    Perm Charcoal|Demon wings

    Perm Dragon horns

    More 30D Dmg suits

    -New Stuffs maybe?-


    <3 LuNie | 135 HK



    TheBellapuff | JalurGemilang

  • perm visual kei costume

    perm devilish costume

    perm bat attire

    perm devil wings

    perm wings of darkness

    bogo 4 hr charms on IOTD

    perm Ice Aura

    perm Ice Wing

    perm Nerd Glasses

    perm Shadow Fox Mask

    bogo +30 minipets

    bogo kei guitars

    bogo hp magic potions (3)

    30d hellway guitar

    30d Music Wings

    30d Wind Aura

    30d Musketeer Hat

    30d Ice Wing

    30d Unicorn Wing

    30d baphomet helm

    winner of the 2019 Isya pvp tournament

  • Perm Sanguine Rose

    Perm Visual Kei suit

    Perm Blue Tuxedo/Dress

    Perm Panda suit

    Perm crowns (Preferably black or silver)

    Perm Corrupt Angel wings

    Perm green bananas

    Perm Green Elven suit


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    Toxic ~ 135 Templar
    Butt ~ 135 HolyKnight

    Monii ~ 135 Ranger

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  • Pretty please the Permanent Java Couple Costume, that one is so beautiful.

    Edit: Thank you, alwaysfrozen, for correcting me. I never knew the name of the costume, had to google it and Cappuchino Costume was the only name I could find. :)

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  • Cappuchino? You mean Java Couple? Or is there one I've never seen o.o ..

    100% 30 Day Extenders on BOGO

    100% 30 Day Rants on BOGO

    Mini Pet Sale...with Soccer Ming :D


    Can you guys add corgis to game whether as a pet or a mount. I'm legit doing 1 part of the attendance quests so I can have <A Picture of Corgi> to link at random times. Thanks :v

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  • look.

    i'll drop $100 if you put bogo bundles on sale.

    also perm yellow menian so we can finish the collection? :c

    ok but perm dragon horns when

  • i would really love to get the Red bow back in the shop ive been hoping for it for almost a year, and its rarely there (its my favorite head gear so missing it has me a bit saddened :-/ )

    i even saved up 25000 coins to stuck up on the bow NeXT its in *^_^

    Semper Fidelis in amore <3 *^_^

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