Your voice counts! - Suggestions for the itemshop

  • Perm strawberry pets please ;(

    Buddy bike on some form of sale (7/11/2019 IOTD - THANK YOU 😘)

    DB x8 or x10 that lasts more than 6 hours (7/9/2019 SALES - THANK YOU x2 😍)

    BOGO 4 hour charms. <3

    :saint: Persie | :cursing: Reka | :sleeping: Lyralei

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  • Perm item sale that isn't mystery or happy hour. I always miss it. And please do queens memento. I missed that one day I'd like to have it.


  • permanent witch hat

    permanent lantern costume

    30 day witch hat

    30 day lantern costume (or necromancer pack hat + costume)

    30 day horseman coffin

    30 day pixie flames

    30 day curse of jack-o costume

    permanent kei guitar

    permanent victorian steampunk hat

  • PERMANENT mini pets PLEASE THAT CAN HAVE THE OPTION ON GOING ON RIGHT OR LEFT SHOULDER :C I'm running out of space for all the minipets for the left shoulder...

    PERM black CAT EARS AND TAIL. I must have them to complete my black-haired character pls ty <3 or any other matching black animal ear/tail set.

    My PFP is by an artist named "glumdrop".

    Isya server(PREVIOUSLY ON EPITH)honeyhap

    Characters(Lyrric, Muhffin, Dreadful, Cirryl)

  • perm visual kei costume

    perm black sensei costume

    perm devilish costume

    perm bat attire

    perm devil wings

    perm wings of darkness

    bogo 4 hr charms on IOTD

    bogo +30 minipets

    bogo hp magic potions (3)

    bogo 4% crit beards

    winner of the 2019 Isya pvp tournament

  • Traditional Japanese pack B
    Ride or Die shirt

    。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆ ᴵ’ᵐ ᵇᵉᵃᵘᵗᶦᶠᵘˡ (ꈍ ꒳ ꈍ✿)  。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆

  • Phoenix Skin Class Specific

    BOGO 4H 50% charms

    Perm V day costumes in a rainbow of colors!

    Katahrah 135 HK slimefacewall LilyBloom 130 Lockhoneysleep Frena 130 Gladslimerage Nympha 129 SSslimeheadphonesBayoneta 128 ReaperslimedevilKonuichii 125 Saderunsurehoney

    Cypion ~ISYA~


  • Perm Sanguine Rose

    Perm Visual Kei suit

    Perm Panda suit

    Perm crowns (Preferably black or silver)

    Perm Corrupt Angel wings

    Perm Red Ribbon (Not the flame rock one)

    Perm green bananas

    Perm Green Elven suit


    Alitheia ~ 76 Enchanter
    Vanilje ~ 115 Gladiator

    Masai ~ 121 Spectre
    Toxic ~ 135 Templar
    Butt ~ 135 HolyKnight

    Monii ~ 135 Ranger

    First SK xbow Isya

    "Difficulty doesn't apply to us." - Gray

  • Perm Mouse Ears

    Perm Nerd Glasses

    Perm AMA Diving Suit

    Perm pets

    Perm Tofu Mini House

    Perm Hot Chocolate Mini House

    BOGO Enhancement Bundles

    Discount on Beauty Coupons