Your voice counts! - Suggestions for the itemshop

  • BOGO T5 Binding Reset Reset

    BOGO 100% hp/sp extender please 30 days!

    BOGO 100% hunter's war rant 30 days

    BOGO Skin Repair
    Aura Sale

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  • SC Bonus

    Bogo hammers :evil:

    Bogo 100% extenders

    New weapon/shield skins

    New face accessories

    Tough cookie pack(?) Or charms day sale

    Crowns (Permanent)

    Sweet Halloween (30 Days)

    Lacey Long-Ear's Coronal (30 Days or Permanent)

    Master Hare's Brush (30 Days)

    Honeying Hat (Permanent)

    Winter Wonderland (30 Days or Permanent)

    Traditional Kimono Set III (Permanent)

    Couple's Shirt (Permanent)

    Sanguine Rose (Permanent)


    。.。:∞♡*♥ 115 Wiz - 135 SS - 135 Guard - 135 WL - 135 Glad - 135 HK ♥*♡∞:。.。

    looking for sc bonus...

  • Permanent Honeying Sweater Set
    BOGO Mount

    Permanent snowman Suit/Hat

    Permanent Doctor's Robe/Hat

    Permanent Legendary Fox Tails/Ears

    Permanent Mini Otter Pet

    Permanent Mini Cotton Candy Pet

    Permanent Experience Hold

    1-Hour Hunter's Warrant 100%

    Vote for your favorite permanent items