Fiesta Online NA team

  • Dear community,

    Here you can find the names of the in-game staff and a description of the different tasks of the Fiesta Online team.

    Community Manager (CM)


    The Community manager is responsible for the concerns of the community. He checks the comments and suggestions, which were sent to him by the LGM, and if necessary, forwards them further. In addition, he is responsible for the forwarding of the bugs reported to the developers and is responsible for the flow of information between Gamigo - community - Staff team. The Community Manager is a direct employee of Gamigo and acts as a liaison between product management and community.

    Senior Game Master (SGM)


    In addition to the tasks and responsibilities of a Game Master, the Senior Game Master is in charge of events. Complaints about staff can be reported to an SGM.

    Game Master (GM)


    The Game Master is the direct contact person for problems in the game. Game masters also assist in the running of events and answering questions from players. However, Game Masters do not assist players with quests or leveling, nor do they give items or in-game currency to players. Game Masters do not handle problems with the billing system or the item shop. For problems with the billing system and item shop, please submit a help desk ticket.

    GameTester (GT)

    Testing new items, contents and of course Bugs is the job of the Bug Tester.

    Trial Game Master (TGM) / Trial Moderator (TMOD)



    Trial Game Masters are Game Masters undergoing training and are only on the server under the supervision of a Game Master. During their trial period, Trial Game Masters should be treated as Game Masters. Keep in mind that they are still learning the ropes and may not be able to answer all of your questions or problems at once. The same applies for Trial Moderators.

    If you would like to join our team, see the appropriate recruitment thread:

    GM Recruitment

    GT Recruitment

    Please keep in mind that no member of the Gamigo staff will ask you for your access data. Therefore please do not give your access data do anyone - even if they pretend to be working for the staff.

    Kind regards,

    ~ Your Fiesta Online Team

  • How to send feedback on a NA GM team member

    If you wish to leave feedback on any member of the GM team, please have a look at this list:

    Team Level
    How to Report
    TGM Please PM a GM, SGM or CM on this Forum or the Fiesta Discord
    GM Please PM a SGM or CM on this Forum or the Fiesta Discord
    SGM Please PM a CM on this Forum
    CM Please send a ticket

    *CMs have their Discord DMs set to off, so you won't be able to PM them there. Please use forum PMs instead*

    Happy Gaming :)

    ~Your Fiesta Online Team~