Forum Rules

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    The gamigo team is giving his best to supply the community with current information and to moderate the forums fairly and impartialy. These rules don’t replace the General Terms, they just complete them. Furthermore, we reserve ourselves to adjust the rules.

    Any content which is not explicitly covered by these rules but considered disturbing by the moderators can be removed. The forum is provided as a free service for convenience only and there is no guarantee for the availability of the forum or the included contents. Inavailibility of the forum or its contents for whatever reason has no impact on the contract of any gamigo game, as the forum-service is provided as nonessential standalone free of charge platform.

    1. General Rules

    1.1 The following forum guidelines are basic behaviorial rules that stand alongside the general rules and legislation, and that shall be abided by each member of the Fiesta Online-Forum. These rules especially apply for publishing posts, signatures and avatars.

    1.2 The decisions and actions of the Fiesta Online-Team are binding. If a player tries to bypass such a decision, for example by asking another employee or representative the same question, the player may be sanctioned.

    1.3 Complaints about permanent bans shall be directed to the Community Management Team.

    1.4 Disagreements with the moderators or complaints against their decisions must always be reported to the Community Management.

    1.5 The instructions of the Staffteam shall be followed.

    2. Respectful Conversation

    2.1 The rights of other members of this community are to be respected. Therefore, other characters, players, groups and all gamigo employees are not to be:

    • insulted,
    • abused,
    • harassed,
    • threatened or
    • pilloried

    2.2 The publication or transmitting of content (in text or picture form) as well as the use of usernames and/or links to websites with picture or content which are:

    • violent or drug-gloriying,
    • threatening,
    • sexually indecent, obscene,
    • offensive,
    • racist,
    • defamatory, damaging to one’s reputation,
    • otherwise violating applicable law

    is strictly forbidden.

    Furthermore any contents that are not allowed by General Terms Section 8 in our games are also not allowed in this forum.

    3. Ban of Discrimination

    Other characters, players, groups and all gamigo employees are not to be attacked or confounded on the grounds of:

    • their race or ethnic origin
    • their religion or beliefs
    • their age
    • their gender
    • their sexual identity
    • a disability

    Furthermore any contents that are not allowed by General Terms Section 8 in our games are also not allowed in this forum.

    4. Writing topics and posts

    4.1 Newly created topics have to be labeled with a heading relevant to the core topic and have to be created in the matching sub-forum.

    4.2 Before creating a new topic, the search function should be used in the forum, if available in order to avoid renewed posting of existing topics.

    4.3 The publishing of private messages, e-mails or private chatlogs is forbidden.

    4.4 Posts or answers to a discussion concerning disciplinary measures against a player, character or account are not allowed to be made public and discussed and will be deleted without warning.

    4.5 It is forbidden to post anything in the name of a blocked or any other user.

    5. Spamming / Trolling

    The repetitive / disruptive publishing of forum posts (spamming) is forbidden. Spam and trolling also include:

    5.1 the creation of posts with the sole purpose of creating unrest in the forum.

    5.2 The transgression of threads into non-topic related discussions / postings that deviate from the topic.

    5.3 Posting the same content in various areas/double posting answers/content (“Crossposting”)

    5.4 Continuous writing in capitals (shouting).

    5.5 „Begging posts“ (e.g. „can somebody level me?“).

    5.6 Excessive use of punctuation and/or smileys in a row.

    5.7 one-word posting, which includes smileys.

    5.8 posting that only serve to push the thread up the thread list and be shown at the top (pushing). Please note our special provisions for the market and guild area.

    6. Multi-Accounting

    Each user is not entitled to more than one account in the forum. Multiple registrations are not allowed. We reserve the right to temporarily or permamently block user’s forum accounts. Excluded are households with the same internet access. Users who have multiple forum accounts per household have to contact the Community Management and wait for the confirmation, that their forum accounts are logged and registered. As Multiaccount count accounts where conclusions can be drawn that the user is one and the same person who was not registered as a household account.

    7. Identity of Another Users

    The publishing of information regarding the identity of another user or gamigo employee or representative (e.g. Game Master) is forbidden. This refers to all personal data like name, address, telephone number, E-Mail address or links to personal websites which provide information about a person’s identity behind an account.

    8. Impersonating a gamigo Employee

    It is not allowed to claim to be an employee or representative (e.g. GM) of the gamigo AG in any form of communication. This includes for instance

    • user name
    • user profile
    • voice feedback
    • text, chat
    • publishing of messages
    • the use of a rank image as avatar

    9. Reporting to the team

    The „Report post“ function shall only be used for reporting the infringement of rules. The „Private message“ function may be used for all other matters. Contacting multiple team members about the same topic within 48 hours is not allowed.

    10. Copyrighted works

    The uploading or transferring of copyrighted material without the explicit consent of the copyright holder is forbidden.

    11. Selling of Product / Services

    11.1 Advertising for non-gamigo related business, organizations or wbsites, as well as links to the corresponding sites is prohibited. The promotion of game-related fan pages is permitted, provided that these fan pages are not for commercial purposes.

    11.2 Linked fanpages must not include any contents that would violate the General Terms section 8 or Forum Rules section 2 and 3. A legal reference to the publisher of the fan page must be included and must be compliant with General Terms section 14.5.

    11.3 Questions of users stated in the forum must not be answered by only linking to external websites without providing a written answe to the users question alongside.

    11.4 The promotion and sale of third-party products or services in the forum is probihited.

    11.5 In-game products and services may only be purchased and sold in the context of the gamigo approved in-game currency in the designated forum platforms (market places).

    12 Signature Size

    The size of the signature may not exceed the following values:

    Height: 125

    Width: 400

    File size: 450000 Byte

    Number of rows: with signature 4 rows, without signature picture 7 rows

    Type size: 12

    Only graphics / pictures which are directly connected to Fiesta Online shall be used.

    ~Your Fiesta Online Team