• Heya everyone!

    I'm HoneyTeddy, a member of the Game Master team since 2016. I first started playing Fiesta in 2008 and haven't looked back since!

    In my spare time I'm often dabbling with music, art, and craft. I love a good game, movie or book. I highly recommend 'How to keep a mummy' for those who want to experience a bit lot of squealing honeyhap

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me here on forums or DM me on Discord! While I can't be around 24/7, I check both regularly!~

    See you around!


  • Hello Everyone,

    As of today, I am no longer part of the team. This is not a sudden departure, it was postponed for the event.

    I cared as much as I could for our players in this game, I helped where I could, took note where I could not, and it's time for me to let go.

    Throughout my term, I've tried to keep things fair, ignored a lot of first time rule breakers, banned a few people for breaking the rules. Got a lot of disagreements for that one XD.

    But my choices on banning are 100% justified despite what you think, so please do read those rules, they are here for a reason. I never ban the first time I see a rule broken, and I never delete a constructive post. Breaking rules on purpose as if it's so righteous and insulting people just for disagreeing with your comments is ridiculous. Please learn some humility.


    Just so you guys know, you get a lot of word power by using the forum. Use it well. Tickets and the forums are the official point of contact. Do NOT send proofs, evidence and request for help on Discord.

    I promised another Magazine in March and it will still be coming. The submission links for the magazine are still valid, but I will no longer update the current threads for it.

    "You'll miss Zao [and his replies]" - HT 2k19.

    I'm out. Adios :D