[Forum Event] Scrapbook Your Adventure!

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    Greetings Isyans,

    To help celebrate your time on Fiesta Online, we are setting up a place for you to document your adventures in the form of a scrapbook!

    How it Works:

    - Take some fun and exciting screenshots of your adventure within the game and create a fun and exciting collage to share with us!

    - The top 3 collages and other contributions added to the Party Planning Event will be taken into consideration during the judging process!




    Start: Friday 20th November 2020

    End: Friday 30th November 2020 at 23:59 PST (Server Time)


    - The prize for this event will be the Traditional Black Kimono Pack (7 Days) as requested and suggestd on the forums.


    • All Game and Event Rules apply.
    • All GM instructions must be followed.
    • All GM/MOD decisions are final.
    • Anyone disturbing the event or displaying inappropriate behaviour will have their entry or post removed from the event and may be excluded from entry during the entire Event duration.
    • Users are only permitted to win once per event---attempting to win on multiple servers, characters or alternate account may result in the user forfeiting all prizes.
    • The deadline for the last entry is the Friday 30th November 2020, 23h59 PDT (Server Time)
    • You may NOT edit your submission.
    • Entries should include Character, Server name and choice of reward (If available) to be valid.


    ~Your Fiesta Online Team

  • Whoa! That's so sweet, MintyGreens !! I don't think I would have any screenshots from when I first started (11-16-2009) as my hard drive, at the time, corrupted/or stopped working later on in 2010. I seriously regret not putting them on flash-drives/CDs/DVDs or something for back-up. slimefacewall But, I might look around. In case... I might of stored a tiny bit somewhere... somehow.