Resa's Drawings

  • Hi!! I'm a long time Fiesta player, but this is my first ever post on the forums.

    I began this drawing with this thought: if wizards can summon skeletons in fights, might they also use their help for everyday tasks?

    And now that it's Halloween of course, skeletons just feel appropriate.


    Pictured here is my sister's mage, who is, rather confusingly to both of us, named after my nickname "Resa". Someday soon I'll have to make a drawing of my own character!

  • Your artwork is wonderful, it put me in a good mood slimeblush

    I agree with what The Jumping Lord said, the details are incredible, I love how accurate the in game elements are (the cover of the book that recalls the 'Mage Book' card, the details of the musketeer uniform, the staff with the enchantment aura)... the whole scenery structure is so sophisticated and elegant with a great attention to detail to the point that I spent several minutes admiring all the objects arranged in the showcases!

    I hope that in the future you could feel inspired again to create more artwork of this kind and share them with us, is something really delightful to watch!

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  • Thank you so much everyone for all the kind comments!! ^^

    This was a great challenge piece for me so I really hope to keep doing more like this!

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  • Very well done!

    I don't often do these types of pictures myself, with full background and story in the picture, but I can appreciate all the effort you put into this. The amount of detail is really nicely done, and your use of lighting is very good.

    I have to say, my favorite part are the skeletons actually. You did such a fantastic job on them.

    I look forward to seeing more!