[Hotfix] Maintenance 10.28.2020 at 01:00 am PDT!

  • Maintenance_FR-EN.png

    Dear Community,

    We will be having a hotfix maintenance on Wednesday 10.28.2020.

    With today's hotfix some issues concerning the guild storage will be addressed. The maintenance will start at 01:00 am and will have a duration of approximately 2 hours. Please keep in mind that maintenance can be shorter or longer at any time. If the maintenance has to be extended, we will keep you informed here in the forum. Our servers will be unable to be played at this time.

    The patch notes will be published for you after the maintenance.

    Best regards,

    Your Fiesta Online Team

  • PatchnotesUS_forum.png

    Dear Community,

    As you know we encountered some issues with the guild storage recently and thus we have provided a quick hotfix to make it perfect for you all!
    Please let us know if any sort of issue persists.

    Client-Version: 1.02.287

    Your Premium Items have been extended for the duration of the maintenance.

    smiley65.png Bug Fixes:

    FIX : An issue where the guild storage would not display more than 100 items.
    FIX : When the item expires, the extra pages show remain items and players can withdraw items.
    FIX : When the Guild Storage has been extended, after switching maps and trying to access the guild storage, you can take items out of the 3rd and 4th page,
    FIX: Members available the 3rd and 4th Page when the Guild Master activated the Guild Storage increase.

    Best wishes
    Your Fiesta Online Team