happy hour

  • :: It's a new selling system for me which could give other continents upper-hand i guess. It was one time try so far to see how it goes and it seems its getting more bashing than what some players been asking ; Equality. I mean, if you missed it once, there be another one in future just the possibility of the same items to be on sale with the same % of discounts may vary. Personally there's few things been on sale that has not still appear whenever i'm waiting for it but I guess this is what gives the satisfaction of 'rarity' on certain stuffs in the end

    Also in the other hand, I've seen what the designers did on latest items. Good job on the details, & hopefully we get more of our wish-list answered one day::


    <3 LuNie | 135 HK



    TheBellapuff | JalurGemilang