• Hello Guys! ^^

    could someone help me understand a little about charms? how to do 100%?

    I remember that in the old days you could use 50% + tradable 50% to go 100% charmed, but i just figured out there are enchanted charms now and i dont know if the old way still work?

    how to go 100% now and what if you use 50% normal charm or from cookie pack + tradable?

    What about 20% ones? :o

    I appreciate all the tips!

  • You need the old charms with 150% and any other with 50% to get 100%


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  • you can only go 100% you need to use both 50% but they need to be different charms.

    Example there are few 50% charms.

    50% charm for cookie pack

    50% 4hr charm

    50% 2hr tradeable

    50% weekly charms.

    Doesn't matter which ones you use but you can only stack two of them together. And you can not use two of the same charms.

  • It does matter, there are two charm types. You need one of each type to stack. Using two of the same type denies you from actually applying it.

    Type 1:

    50% 4 hour

    50% 2 hour (tradeable)

    20% 2 hour

    Type 2:

    50% 2 hours (TCP/Weekly charms)

    Note: I don't really remember which category 20% charms fall under, might be type 2. Also never tested 1 day charms but I assume those are type 1 as well.

  • It is as Puff said, including 1 day charms working the same as 4 hr.

    Basically you need either a TCP or Enhanced (weekly), then any one of the other charms not TCP/Enhanced.




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  • I really don't get why we can't use use 2 50% charms no matter what type it is. I wanna use 2 50% 4hr charms to get 100% 4 hrs. Is that so much to ask for. I know its possible. But gamigo won't let us.

  • Because they are different items kingofamerica the way in which they are coded is different it was never an intention to allow them to stack but the developers ultimately liked it so left this accidental mistake in.

    It actually ended up making quite an interesting system since the way in which each charm works/coded is slightly different.

    The TCP charms will enhance your damage slightly differently to the other 50% charms a small example is on a TCP/WEEKLY charm BOOST your bonus pen dmg from str/int in the build meaning it is directly buffed (as in the piercing dmg is buffed by a flat amount)

    So if you had say 300 true dmg with a 50% TCP charm you’re now hitting plus 450 true dmg + your other reg dmg.

    As a result this means on certain bosses charming in a certain way for example an old 50 + 20 will allow you to deal more dmg than just a straight 100% charm.

    If you have any questions lmk