Restoration of missing items

  • Recently I’ve noticed one of my item, a penum helmet +10 was missing from my hotbar/inventory.

    I had panicked and checked if my other items were missing too and thankfully they weren’t.

    I knew something was wrong especially because I had been afk for around 3 hrs and would have caught it if someone was to log into my account and tried to do anything with it.

    Immediately I checked storage and checked with the item merchant had I accidentally npc’ed it. Gamigo can verify the validity of my statement from game logs as they can tell I opened both storage and item merchant npc.

    Nevertheless I couldn’t find it and so I took it to support to recover what was lost.

    Gamigo being gamigo tells me my item had been sold to npc when they can verify I opened to buy back npc feature and there was nothing there.

    Honestly I’ve also asked them to verify that I haven’t logged off for hours and tried opening storage aswell.

    I mean losing enhanced items and gamigo -Edited- not doing a thing about it bugs me.

    I’ve asked to reset my account to the last time my item was with me(before the stupid bug deleted it) but nope, even thats too much of a hassle.

    Especially after I have taken my time to not trade any item with anyone and create a chain issue that can be a problem for resetting my account back intime.

    I don’t understand what type of support doesn’t revert back changes for actual money giving costumers, especially when they can verify that the costumer can prove his story if they take the time looking into game files.

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  • Heya,

    We are sorry for your lost. It is possible you could have accidently sold the item.

    If there was a bug, then please tell us the precise step by step method in a report, so that we can investigate the bug and replicate the issue.

    If an item has been lost, it will not be recovered as doing so will be considered a form of special treatment.

    As this is a delicate matter, I urge you to reply back to the ticket and continue to discuss the case with support. Please be wary of the forum rules and avoid insulting or attacking the hosting company or any members of staff.