[Guide] - Prize system for events

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    Hello everyone!

    Starting from today we would like to introduce you all to a slightly adjusted prize system for events. This system will give you guys more options as far as having more of a say in what reward you receive from winning our events!

    How does it work?

    For every event we host you'll be able to choose between the given reward or Event Points.

    When we do an event on our forum you'll have to put your character name + server + the reward you prefer (Event Points or the announced cash shop reward).

    In-game we'll ask the winners which reward they would like to obtain. You can always see the announced cash shop reward and the equivalent point reward on our forum when we announce an event.

    What can you do with Event Points?

    The prizes will be a variety of awesome cash shop items. Every item will have a point value, and with the Event Points you win from an event you can purchase an item you like.

    Once in a while we'll update the prizes. For the current prizes and points, go here.

    Things to keep in mind:

    • This system will apply to all forum and in-game related events that have winners.
    • The standard rewardfor mini-events will be Event Points.
    • The Event Points will never reset, so you can save up as many Event Points as you desire.
    • Event Points may only be transferred to a different character which is on the same account.
    • Event Points may not be gifted.
    • If you used a name-change on your character which was already in possession of Event Points, then please send a personal message to [CM]Verlaya.

    How do you obtain your prize(s)?

    • Pick a prize from this link: [Prizes and Points]
    • Send a PM to [CM]Veralya.
    • Be sure to include your server-, character name and the requested item.
    • Keep in mind that it can take some time before you receive your prize(s).

    Kind Regards,

    ~Your Fiesta Online Team!