B> Anything Good on Jenira

  • Hello fellow Fiestians,

    I recently moved to Jenira and was looking to purchase any good equipment that people may not be using or are wanting to get rid of in exchange for stuff on Isya. Let me know what you have for trading purposes and I’ll message you back with what I have on Isya maybe we can work something out.

  • I have a +10 DDF spec set with great stats and other trix grear 7x+ I also play on jenira on my 105 Glad (Archangel) but im definitely looking to trade the stuff I don't use including my rares for stuff on isya.

  • im lf Glad/Wiz/Reaper gear on isya or anything that'll sell tbh im flat broke lol Hmu on Souryuu (Isya) later today, I should be free. Edit: Appreciate the trade, I'll definitely DM you about the DDF Spec set soon as I hit 105 on my mage and catch up on school work.

  • You’ve peeked my interest what exactly are you looking to get in return on Isya like gears, gold/ gems or just want to see what I have to trade?

  • I have a +10 Bellow knight "rord" staff, loads of enhancement stones, and a ranger 110 full set, a few other +9 weapons. Let me know if you want to meet on Jenira and have a look at anything