[gamigo20] A month of birthday celebration!

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    Happy anniversary Gamigo!

    Here is to 4 weeks of surprises and parties!

    There is a lot of achievements in life but only a select few can successfully say they have enjoyed them for 20 years! We are so ecstatic for this accomplishment that we want to make sure you all can enjoy it with us!

    What better way to do that, than with rewards and parties for a whole month!

    Having a perfect party its not a easy task, but we are up to the challenge and hope you can help us along the way!

    We will need:

    • 1- The perfect venue
    • 2- Clean up!
    • 3- Delicious food
    • 4- The best performance and entertainment in all Fiesta!

    If you can successfully follow what we need you will be able to participate in the planning of our wonderful anniversary here at gamigo and reap the rewards!

    Below you will find all the information for participating in this celebration as well as the rules:

    • - 10,000 Anniversary points will be distributed among all participants in all versions.
    • - For each valid participation you will receive at least 500 Anniversary points.
    • - Each player can only participate once per event
    • - Screenshots taken must show everything that is mentioned in the list.
    • - You should not edit or manipulate screenshots to achieve the goal of the events.
    • - Name of character and game version of the account on which you want to receive your points must be given.
    • - You may use your screenshot (the character's name does not have to appear on your social media screenshot, but remains mandatory on the forum) to participate in the event once, which will also take place simultaneously in our social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please note that in addition to the forum event you can only participate on one other social media platform!
    • - Any violation to the rules or general rules of all events will automatically disqualify you.

    To make the perfect party you will need specific adventures through out the 4 weeks of fun.

    They are:

    • Week 1: Perfect Location! (October 1st to October 7th) (click)
    • Week 2: Clean the perfect place! ( October 8th to October 14th)
    • Week 3: Delicious food! (October 15th to October 21st)
    • Week 4: Decorations and perfect entertainment! ( October 22 to October 28)

    Bring out your friends and get your fun mode on, the party has just begun!

    Have fun and good luck! You will reap the great rewards!

    Best Wishes

    Your Fiesta Online Team.

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    To have the perfect party first we must find the perfect venue for it. A beautiful place that can have the greatest gathering we have ever seen! For this particularly party, we believe the outdoors is the place that will take this celebration to a whole new level of fun.

    Here is your what you must find:


    Take a screenshot of our perfect spot for our surprise anniversary party.

    For participation you must meet the following requirements so pay close attention:

    • All clues must be clearly visible in the screenshot.
    • Your character and your characters name must be clear in the screenshot.
    • Please make sure to deactivate the rest of your interface in order to not show chat or any other elements of your surroundings.

    Post your participation screenshot along with your character name, server and game version in response to this thread.

    All rules of the event can be found >>> HERE <<<.

    The event will end on October 7, 2020, at 09:00 am PDT! Make sure to post your contribution in the forum in time!

    Good Luck and Have fun!

    Best wishes,

    Your Fiesta Online Team

  • The best place to party is on the ship :D


    IGN: Chonnitta

    Server: Isya

    Fiesta NA

    Chonnitta ~Teva 2007-2014

                  Guild: Illusion

    Chonnitta - Isya 2020-Present lovehoney

            Guild: Illusion_Reborn

    -> twitch Live<- Team: gamigo_superstars


  • The best place to party is on the ship :D


    IGN: Chonnitta

    Server: Isya

    Game Version: Fiesta NA

    Chonnitta ~Teva 2007-2014

                  Guild: Illusion

    Chonnitta - Isya 2020-Present lovehoney

            Guild: Illusion_Reborn

    -> twitch Live<- Team: gamigo_superstars


  • Hey guys!

    So I've noticed a number of our participants having some issues with their post not showing the image.

    When you're uploading a screenshot to Imgur or imgbb, please make sure you:

    1. Open the image via right clicking the image after upload.

    2. Open the image in a new tab

    3. Copy the link (for imgur it should now be i.imgur and for imgbb it should be i.ibb)

    4. Use the image icon in the forum post toolbar to insert the image by pasting the link into source

    The image should then show up in the post.

    Best of luck,