[Guide] - The Hunter's Union!

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    New and powerful monsters have appeared, and the inhabitants of Isya now fear for their lives. The Hunter's Union won't let this happen on their watch, they've sent their smartest member, Verlyo, into town and he had the brilliant idea of placing a mission board in Elderine!


    The Mission Board is a place where the concerned townsfolk will give you all sort of missions, however you can only take missions matching your level! Wouldn't make much sense buying one for a level you already exceeded!

    The missions are categorised in 3 types:

    • oe1fzyL.png A red note means that this is a common mission.
    • lR7BesO.png A blue note means that this is a rare mission.
    • 84TKOWg.png A green note means that this is a unique mission.

    Also note that all these are daily missions.

  • What missions are available?


    Note: All mission notes are character bound.

    How do I accept a quest?

    So, you found the perfect mission for you! How to accept it now?

    It's simple! Buy the notes from the mission board and talk to Verlyo. He'll give you all the details you need!


    How do I turn the quest in?

    The missions themselves work like normal quests, you must kill the monsters or/and pick up the required drops.



    Be careful not to drop the mission notes! Each mission requires you to turn that in together with the quest. If you drop it, you need to buy a new one at the mission board.


    It is possible to purchase missions from the board that are out of your level range but you will not be able to start them.

  • What's my reward?

    Not only do you get a decent amount of experience, you will be rewarded with Tokens of the Hunter's Union. g602JWT.png 

    With these tokens you can buy Hunter's Pouches. These pouches have a lot of goodies in them. There are two kind of pouches, a tier 4 and a tier 5.

    Hunters Pouch (Tier 4) costs 8 Tokens of the Hunter's Union.

    Hunters Pouch (Tier 5) costs 12 Tokens of the Hunter's Union.


    Each one has a chance to give you a Shard of Gold Nine. With 10 of these shards you can buy a Gold Nine. Please note that the Tier 4 Pouch gives tier 4 shards, while the tier 5 Pouch gives tier 5 shards.

    How do I show others that I support the Hunter's Union?

    It's simple! Get one of the four new titles!

    • Hunter's Union Newbie
    • Hunter's Union Apprentice
    • Hunter's Union Member
    • Hunter's Union Leader

    Each one of these titles are unlocked by completing a unique mission.

  • Is there a way the title portion can be adjusted so it is based on how many quests of the mission board that is completed to determine what title you receive? Basically similar to the other titles like enhancement or KQ/quests. Gonna be hard for the people who are already beyond the lower quest requirements to get the titles if they are fixed to particular quests from the board. Thanks

  • I've always liked this idea. The daily missions. But the gold nine just doesn't attract me enough to bother to do them. If it was a red eye then maybe I'd bother.

    What is a "Hunter's Concoction"?