Patch updates, balance changes and rationale [Suggestion]

  • I’ve just gone over the recent patch notes and overall there are some solid changes in there so awesome work.

    Now I play other games and the one thing I think gamigo could start giving to the community is why they are buffing/nerfing certain aspects of a class so we, the community, can understand why something has changed.

    For example clerics buff to heal could have

    ‘after feed back from the community it was outlined they didn’t feel fluid within the game. To combat this we have lowered the cool down in the hope cleric players can get that smooth feeling when healing their team mates/themselves etc’

    Certain changes may legitimately be good for the game as gamigo can see the ‘bigger picture’. Though on first glance, with no rationale, we the players may not see it.

    Class rebalance is a HUGE want from the community and will be an never ending on going process in theory. Gamigo could rework every class and achieve a form of balance. I personally wouldn’t want them to stop there as I’d expect with time players would learn what is now op etc When this happens further changes may need

    To be introduced.

    Change is good and adds a new layers of depth to a game. It is my hope the fiesta team can get into the habit of implementing balance changes on a more frequent basis to prevent the game from going stale.

    Though I do understand for now the community may just want a form of balance with all the classes and I may be jumping ahead of myself this is just an idea for the future.

    Overall, pulling myself back to the reason I made this thread would it be possible for gamigo to start putting rationale in balance changes when they buff/nerf a class ?

    Thoughts 💭?

  • Changes to pre-existing mechanics should definitely have some sort of explanation.




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