[Isya NA] Underworld Guild Recruitment

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    ~ Core Values of Underworld ~

    Character | Community | Champion

    Underworld was founded on May 27th, 2020 by a small group of rebels who shared a similar vision. We got sick and tired of persistent drama, pressuring rule sets and trivial bickering in our former “guilds” and we knew we could do better. We wanted a sanctuary where players with common interests could grow together both in-game and in real life. Thus, Underworld was formed based on simple values: Character, Community and Champion. Because of our utmost resilience against that haters, Underworld has grown to become the greatest non-toxic community in Fiesta Online.

    ~ Character ~

    It’s not just about having high level characters - we want to develop PEOPLE with high levels of character. There’s no specific thing we’re looking for, but generally, our members are committed, caring, hard-working, helpful and friendly. Above all, we expect honesty and respect. Your conduct reflects the character of the entire guild both positively and negatively. We trust our members to think and act ethically with the best interests of the Underworld at heart. This does not imply that we expect all members to participate in dogmatic group-think. Underworld recognizes that we are all unique people with unique situations and from our diversity comes strength. That strength will help develop your character both in-game and in real life.

    ~ Community ~

    Underworld is committed to developing members and fostering an enjoyable gaming community. We will help our members level up, we teach them the game and show them how to be successful. We are open to ALL who are interested in the Underworld and share our common values. We are an extremely popular guild, so inactivity MAY result in your character being temporarily removed from the in-game guild in order to make room for current active players. When you come back we will do our best to find a place for you. Members in good standing will NEVER be removed from our discord server. Underworld enjoys a robust social network - the more the merrier!

    ~ Champion ~

    Underworld has talented players from all over the world and we are freakin’ awesome at this game. We party together, we raid together, we dominate everything we touch and we know how to win. Consequently, we stand as the BEST DDF guild in the server in terms of both speed and enjoyment. But there is more to being a champion than lightning-fast raid times and crushing PvP. Champions are people who are constantly striving to reach new heights and find out how great they can become. Be a champion with us.

    Through these core values our hope is to develop the most wonderful, most memorable and most unstoppable community in the history of the game. As an Underworld member, alumni, or guest, we invite you to embrace these values and join us in our greatest endeavors.

    Enter Underworld.
    Your Admin Team - Aegialeuz, DualBlood, Luminos, toolrocket, _Yin_, Rakel, Nudge

    ~ Recruitment ~

    1. The level requirement for the guild will always be level 80 and above
    2. Prospective members must have a "clean" background
    3. Prospective members should be ready to demonstrate our core values on a daily basis

    ~ Benefits ~

    Academy Benefits



    Guild Benefits

    • Abundant guild buff time
    • Access to hefty guild storage discounts (50 gold for DDF Glad Pant?!)
    • Access to a variety of up-to-date guides
    • Granted priority registration for our legendary DDF runs
    • Event participation opportunities (prizes included!)
    • Massive supportive player base

    Our Public Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/9JMm4NZ

    Underworld’s Master - Aegialeuz

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