should buyer pay first for gift? (beware of scammers)

  • hey guys, i talked to many ppl and guilds in games, and asked this questions. When gifting, shouldnt the person asking for gift pay first? Everyone i talked to said yes. Cause if the person buying the gift gets scammed, he is out of ig money. If the gifter get scammed, he is out of real life money. Many also said, if someone asked u to gift first, its a sign they trying to scam. DONT DO IT. So which one is it? pay first or gift first?

    this dude, roar he buying weekly charms for 8G. (they range from 6-8G in lysa). So i whiper him if he needs it. He said yes. I asked where he is, he said he in uruga so i stop doing my quest to go there. I saw him and traded him. He accept it then cancel it before the trade. I traded again, and he did the same. He then asked to be gift first. wth...since he was lvl 125, i thought he be faithful so I was going to gift him first. I asked if he wanted to send to his character he is playing. He reply back he only have 5G. lmao what the hell. This dude roar he paying 8G, then cancel my trade, then ask for gift first, then said he only got 5G. I said ok and left. He then whisper me if i gifted him or not. what a loser. lmao. BEWARE OF SCAMMERS. DO NOT GIFT FIRST, NO MATTER HIS LEVEL.

    I block out his name so it won't be blacklist

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  • Heya,

    Please note that gifting is done completely at your own risk. If there is an issue, please report the incident with a full and clear screenshot of the transaction.

    If you sense that something is off with the trade. The best thing to do is to decline the offer as some deals are too good to be true.



  • Scamming should not be an issue anymore with the new implemented token system.

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