Monsters Assemble! 09/18/2020

  • SpawneventNA.png

    Dear Community,

    It is time for some battle royale!

    The bosses are running wild!

    Gather your friends and guilds.
    It's time to conquer your fears
    and destroy them once and for all!

    Gathering for distribution:



    - The general rules apply to this event

    - Any interruption will be punished by a 24 hour ban.

    - You must follow the instructions of the Games Masters

    Rewards: Chests and monster drops for all participants.


    Join us Friday 09/18/2020 at 12:01 pm PDT for Isya.

    This Spawn event will be divided by levels:
    30 to 60 - 12:30 pm PDT

    80 to 105 - 01:30 pm PDT

    106 to 124 - 02:30 pm PDT

    125 to 135 - 03:30 pm PDT

    Join us on Saturday 09/19/2020 spawn event as follow:

    Pagel - 12:01 pm PDT
    Enid - 02:30 pm PDT
    Jenira - 03:30 pm PDT

    So bring all your friends and let's enjoy the event together!

    Best wishes

    Your Fiesta Online team.