Transferable Perm Suits/Aura

  • Since gamgio has gotten so many request for it, it should be the players right to transfer perm suits and aura the same way you can weapon skins. Those suits and aura bear no stats, and players paid real life money for them, which supports gamgio. It's a waste of money to buy a perm item, again with real life money, and be screwed because you take it out on the wrong character or change your mind. Instead of marketing us to spend more just to get the same item, support the players who've kept supporting you!

    Thanks, although the retort to this will probably be a super weak excuse just to make sure we keep spending money for a stateless perm item. ;(:cursing::cursing::cursing:

  • Whilst it is a really nice idea, it is also counter productive. They originally posted that they were going to stop special request in relation to SC items and only allow Skin Transfer, we should consider ourselves lucky they are even allowing Skin Transfer and not ceasing this service altogether.

    I think the GM's once explained that the players had to send in a ticket request. Since a lot of people ignored the rules and tried to make a request for any little thing, it just overwhelmed support and the queue got too long, thus delaying ticket responses.

  • Tradeable perm stuff would be nice for players, but that is only looking at the player perspective. I think the 4500 SC price point is quite fair for a statless perm item for being bound on a single character.

    It would be nice if they stopped putting highly requested perm items inside overpriced bundles with non-requested items or especially 7/30 day items, though.




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  • The game wouldn't really be quite the same without people spending real life money. The weapon skins are more important because they add perks. It's just marketing, get you to spend more so a visually appealing item can be on a different account. If they can for weapon skins, makes no sense why not to for a stateless item