New Fiesta Online Community Discord Server!!!

  • Hello everyone!!!

    A brand new community discord server has just been created in order to help people communicate and socialize when not playing the game, The discord provides multiple channels for players to interact with one another like general discussions a market place to sell in game items, guild recruitment, community creations for any content creators or players who create Fiesta Online art, PVP chat as well as guides(currently under construction) to help players.

    If you would like to join here is the invite link, feel free to share it with your guild and friends

    If anyone would like to help build the discord server even more please send me a DM. <3

  • Heya,

    Here is the link to the official Fiesta Online NA Discord:

    Whilst we appreciate the creation of other Discords, we unfortunately cannot allow the advertisement of them as they any issues that occur on those servers cannot be moderated or handle by the current GM team.

    If you would like the official Discord to have more features, I would seriously urge everyone to suggest it here on the Forums.