Structure to cash shops sales

  • I’ve been following the sales for the last few weeks and I am not really a fan of these mystery slime coins sales & mysterious sales eg ninja sale/random times different items etc.

    I don’t really agree with the logic of two customers will potentially get a different level of service from a company since they may play in different time zones/different times ? It just doesn’t settle with me.

    Now I know It’s within a customers capability to actively check the cash shop through out the day to snag the best sales however I don’t think this encourages a healthy balance.

    I would like to see gamigo throw a sale where they specifically list what is going to be on sale/when and what time a decent slime coin purchase boost will be on.

    Ultimately it would benefit gamigo since players like myself - who don’t have time to continuously check the cs store for the best offers end up not bothering.

    Allowing me time to plan a purchase with you gives you way easier access to my wallet.

    Other players thoughts ?

  • Agreed. Especially since people from every time zone play so even if a sale last 12 hours, what about the person that goes to bed for a decent 8 hours of sleep, then wakes up, gets ready for work, and has an 8 hour work day? He/she is a good employee and focuses on work instead of scrolling through video game forums every 20 minutes. That is probably around 18 hours after accounting for an average commute and the time to actually get ready. Not even bothering if they try to go to the gym for an hour after work or go for a run after getting home and taking a shower.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again...

    Every sale needs to be active for 24 hours in a row!




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  • I've never been a fan of the Mystery sales, either.

    I think their entire Shop Sales Team (or whoever is in charge of organising the sales) needs a complete overhaul.
    There are items which haven't been on sale in months, and other items which go on sale every other week...

    I also don't understand why they can't keep all items in the SC shop but remain non-discounted. This way we don't have to wait for a sale every 2-3 months to buy multiples of the items and stock up to Narnia.

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  • I agree as well, it’s not healthy to be glued to your phone in general but for it to be because of a game? That’s not good lol.

    Additionally it’s not like the items in the Ninja sale or these constant Happy Hours are uncommon/rare. It’s the same stuff sold again and again and again. Like why are you having the playerbase hover over a limited time sale to see and item you’re just going to put on sale normally in a day or two?

    Lastly, yea the item shop team idk what they are doing/thinking. When I first came back I was impressed because ooh more of a selection and ooh more sales but uh...they keep doing weeks like this one. Where they just put on sale crap/items already available and make it a “thing”. They keep giving us western sales/the scouts honor stuff and who actually likes that? And why do you need to put it on sale every 2 weeks? There is a very big selection of store items yet we barely see all of it. Even item of the day is dissapointing now.