Modifying Nature's Speed

  • I want to start off by emphasizing just how essential the Nature's Speed skill is for SharpShooters - having relatively much lower damage than Rangers and quite a limited set of skills, they rely heavily on dealing a large portion of their damage using auto-attack. Without the skill's effect to boost their auto-attack damage, their killing competence is underwhelming to say the least, when compared to other classes.

    As of now, even with reduced cooldown on Nature's Swiftness, (from skill points and armor set effects), as well as increased duration of Nature's Speed, (from set effects alone, by about 30%), a SS still has to deal with a roughly 17 second time window when they are unable to use Nature's Speed.

    You may argue that 17 seconds is not that big of a deal at all. However, in battle - and especially in PvP - absolutely every second counts.

    Essentially, I'd like to suggest that Nature's Speed is modified in a way which will allow a SS to use the skill all the time, (much like how Gladiators can have Vitality and Violence active permanently), while still ensuring it is balanced.

    In order to potentially change the duration and/or cooldown of Nature's Speed and to keep it balanced, I think the best option is to apply a side-effect to using it.

    After some consideration, I decided that a suitable side-effect could be rapid SP draining - much like how Violence drains a Gladiator's HP while it's active. However, I understand that Nature's Speed is quite a lot stronger than Violence, and so the rate at which the player's SP is drained would have to be faster.

    While Violence drains 10 HP per second when active, I reckon that the draining of SP when Nature's Speed is active could be somewhere around 3-5% per second, (of course this is just an initial idea). Such a side-effect would increase the maintenance of the skill considerably.

    With a major debuff like that, an alteration to the skill's duration and/or cooldown shouldn't be a problem.

    Although after some thought I decided that completely removing a SS's reliance on Nature's Swiftness to cancel the massive cooldown of Nature's Speed could be irrational, there are many other options for how the skill should be buffed:

    • Extend the base duration of the skill, whether that be by 15, 30 or more seconds, (depending on the actual rate of SP drainage).
    • Allow the duration of the skill to be extended via skill points, (number of seconds are adjustable depending on rate of SP drainage).
    • A combination of the two options above.

    Currently, I'm not sure if these changes should be applied to Nature's Speed at all levels, only past level 100, or perhaps even exclusively for the SharpShooter class.

    Needless to say, these ideas are not set in stone - I recognize that there are many people out there who know lots more about balancing classes than I do.

    Feel free to discuss this! All constructive comments are welcome. I hope I made some valid points here.

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  • Your points are definitely valid. In both PvP and PvE SharpShooters need Nature's Speed to be a real class, otherwise they're just cc bots in PvP and useless in PvE. While I would much prefer eliminating the dependency on Swiftness as well, I can see how that might be overpowered considering how large of a dmg ramp Speed is. Sadly, Speed has to be that powerful because SS dmg is that bad.

    Normally SS have 0 SP issues so making it drain SP would add another layer of depth to the playstyle which would be nice.

    Another option I can see is eliminating the dependency on Swiftness, but still having some down time. Say 30 sec of down time after CD and Duration (unlock this) empowerments, with a set bonus on duration bringing it to ~10 sec of down time overall.




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  • Another option I can see is eliminating the dependency on Swiftness, but still having some down time. Say 30 sec of down time after CD and Duration (unlock this) empowerments, with a set bonus on duration bringing it to ~10 sec of down time overall.

    In some ways, this could be a brilliant alternative, instead of just simply filling in the 17 second time gap completely.

    I can see how allowing SharpShooters to double-stun, (as well as in the case of PvP, double-blind or double-disarm), all the while having Nature's Speed active most of the time, would make the class much more formidable.

    However, the question still stands - if these changes should apply to all levels, or only for past level 100, or exclusively for the SS class. Personally, I don't think archers below level 100 need any changes to their abilities, but I could be wrong.

  • I'd argue in the perspective of a Glad vs SS comparison that it's being pretty generous to suggest a side effect of SP consumption. Glads already have a permanent attack speed buff using violence without ANY set, and permanent 28-70% (depending on level) attack boost with mighty and 10 skill points invested.

    I wouldn't be against just giving SS perm attack speed as long as they're alive. and just reduce the cooldown to 2 minutes like violence so if you do happen to die there's still that period that you can't have that buff up but also not too harsh of a cooldown to want to use Nature's Swiftness on it. Either way, I'd be happy to see some sort of upgrade so "Nature's Swiftness" isn't "Nature's Speed Introduction" like it is now. I'd definitively love to see Swiftness as a more flexible ability.

    The only thing I'm worried about if the SP reduction is implemented would be dependence on 50-100% SP Extenders to keep up with your abilities/rapid SP loss, so I'd hope it would be balanced around unextended SP. BUT I do like your idea on giving SS more options with swiftness, I hope this gets some recognition slimegrin

  • I don't think the SP drainage should be anything an SP potion wouldn't be able to solve.

    However, I do kinda agree that Lamb's point of view is the ideal solution. I guess the best course of action would be to test these different alterations out, and see which one is the most effective and balanced.

  • Trust me. Any SS would prefer it to be permable in the manner that Lamb suggested, we simply have no faith that they'll ever fix the dmg of the class.




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  • On the original fiesta dazing arrow use to provide a damage boost as well.

    I have nothing against nature speed being buffed so it can become a permanent steroid.

    Now talking about the general balance sharpshooters did have similar DPS out put to glads. On the original Korean version if I recall correctly this is how they were balanced.

    Ultimately every class which is DPS orientated should have similar damage to the other classes so I have nothing against sharpshooters getting a PVE buff.

    Now the problem is how do we buff them in pve without breaking them in pvp ?

    I’d also like to see all of the classes in game get some new skills to play with!

  • Even with speed up it's difficult for a single SS to take down a glad, and they'll never solo kill a knight or cleric. With nimble defense and naturally high evasion trix are not free kills either, despite SS have high aim. This is based on 100% extenders though, which makes the attack speed combined with free stat STR not super op.




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  • Completely balancing SharpShooters could potentially involve changing up some of their other skills too.

    Slow Shot deals less damage in HP to a target than an auto-attack from a fully enhanced bow, because it is not affected by the player's attack ability. It makes little to no difference in both PvP and PvE. It should either deal more damage, summon a barrage of slow arrows instead of just one, or give the target some sort of debuff - for example, decreased movement speed, (which would be complementary to the push-back skills).

    As for Detect, its effect is redundant due to Hide being cancelled by all AoE skills anyway. Also, it's dedicated entirely to counter only one class, and so has very limited usefulness.

    Absolute Arrow has some degree of usefulness as a pure damage skill, which may be handy against boss monsters or players with very high defence. However, its long casting time, in most cases, makes it less effective than using other skills or even just auto-attack in the time it would take to cast it.

    Lastly, it bothers me how the Arrow of the Sky skill claims to have immediate cast, when it in fact has a casting time exceeding well over a second, which could be the difference between pushing a monster or player back in time before they hit you.

    Edit: On second thought, that last part isn't really a big deal.

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