Pagel here I come!

  • So after a long break I decided that I’ll start playing fiesta again. Hopefully hope isn’t lost for pagel and that the community there will take me in and we can start bringing in more people lol especially from Isya cause it seems pretty packed

    Pagel- Ping 120 WL

  • Welcome back. Don’t be discouraged by the ghost towns. The player base is still there if you shout or roar. There’s just not the afk vendors.

  • Yeah would love for more people to join and repopulate the server a bit more. If you need any help let me know my char is Agenda. honeyhap

  • I was originally from Bijou, then went to Pagel after merge.

    For some time, both Isya and Pagel were active servers, but progressively Pagel got less and less populated; I resisted quitting the most I could, mainly because most of the times I was playing with in game wife, so I was never alone, but it become sad to find almost no one else to party with, since the strong point of this game is to meet people from all over the world and make new friends. The final blow, for me, was when it became impossible to sell or buy anything, since there were no vendors, and no point opening a vendor if almost no one on to buy.

    Eventually we quitted and restarted in Isya; we now have 3 caped couples on that server, leveling up a 4th couple atm; until now we are having fun, I am able to sell and buy stuff, can make new friends, but it never became the same for me as it was in Pagel.

    I see lots of people did the same, since there are lots of chars in Isya that have same name/class as in Pagel but not playing there anymore (that’s what I did, my new chars in Isya got same name/class as the ones I had in Pagel, with few exceptions), and lots of guilds with same names (again, not active anymore in Pagel).

    Why did I comment here? Well, basically, if Pagel could get active again, I have no doubt we would go back, I just do not see a way to make it happen; but I still hope so…

  • kohaku.river thank you ☺️ and that’s fine with me Lol gotta start somewhere you know

    Agenda I hope we can all get together and start building this community to match Isya! And thanks for the lending support haha ❤️❤️ I’ll be focusing a little more on helping the server first before I start rep questing to cap haha

    Pinto I know the feeling lol I’ve been with fiesta since outspark so it brings small tears seeing only one active server but I digress and hopefully the community there and maybe some help with the other servers can make pagel great to play again lol hopefully 😅 gotta try somehow you know

  • i made a new character on pagel. played for about 20 mins. Dead town. Very few ppl on. Barely 20 ppl in town. I quit and went back to lsya. Until pagel have at least 300 players active, i wont be going back. How boring it is to lvl up as a new character on a dead sever with no pty or high lvl to help with quests. yeah, good luck.

  • kingofamerica well I hope you didn’t think just cause I was coming back that the server would magically become populated again lol but what I’m trying to understand is that if you knew it was a dead server why go in solo why not convince some of your friends from Isya to keep you company? Anyways if you want to take up my offer you can if not it’s fine but me and my friend will be starting new characters and you can join if you want :3 I also have a lvl 120 WL if you just want to be Plvled