• Expand on the estate feature? 17

    1. YES! (12) 71%
    2. NO! (5) 29%

    Estate Expansion Ideas Thread

    - Description (Make this a brief overview. What is the proposal about? What makes it stand out?): A guildie from Underworld in the Isya Server has been using the estate more than most people in the game. It's a very underrated map/hangout spot and because so many people are involved with leveling up/raiding/PvPing, many people are don't see the value in spending money to design their estate. The game, as it currently stands, has very little to offer when it comes to designing the estate--meaning every estate basically looks the same, regardless of the placement of furniture. However, we want to change that by starting this forum thread that can reach the larger community about the ideas they have/have had about implementing more options for the estate. There are a few specific requests we would like to add to this topic of the estate:

    1) The possibility of increasing estate capacity from 15 to 20 (this is the maximum expedition size, so I assume that this is the maximum players the game can handle at a time with minimal lag). I know this is possible because of events in years past where Game Masters would port in more players than the maximum capacity.

    2) The possibility of the estate owner to request specific players to warp to their estate. The warp would work like the "Summon partner" skill, however, you would need to type in a specific player's name. In order to avoid warp request spamming, of course, there would be a cooldown and hopefully work with the "Block list" in order to block incoming requests from certain people.
    3) The possibility of opening up the 2nd floor for more design by implementing a staircase option inside or outside of the house.
    4) Possible items: Aquarium, Plants, Things to hang on walls like paintings/frames, lights
    5) The possibility to choose the time of day in your estate: Day (default), night, evening/sunset

    - Why would you like to see it implemented? (What are the pros and cons?): We spend a ton of time in this game anyways. Why not expand on this "Animal Crossing-esque" feature. I know many other MMORPG's that have a "DIY" feature which many players have expressed enjoyment for. I'm convinced many people don't use the estate feature BECAUSE of how limited the options are when it comes to furniture and design. It gives players more reason to spend money on the game, and it gives players a new way to play the game. If this idea blows up and gets implemented as well as I envisioned, I'm sure there would be a sort of "flex culture" among estate designers. Perhaps there could be events where people vote on the most attractive estate or maybe an estate that matches a theme. The main "cons" are that it would take work to graphically design new items, code in new features (like stairs and the 2nd floor), moving around walls, etc.

    - How would it work in game? (Is it viable? with current systems?): The new estate items would be used solely for aesthetic purposes. Whatever actions that can be taken with the current items will be kept the same for similar items (chairs, beds, etc.). The placement of the items would work the same as the existing estate items (amount of space it takes up would be based on design). New estate items can be bought from SC shop or a Furniture Owner NPC.

    - Maps involved: Estate

    - NPCs involved: Furniture Owner NPC's (can't recall all of the names)

    - Items involved: Any estate related item. Whatever the forums community suggest

    - Number of players required? (If it is a team activity): n/a

    - Any related images if you have some: Please feel free to submit your own graphic designs of ideas to this thread!

    Let me know what you all think! :):thumbup:

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  • I completely AGREE with this!

    The estate is one of the coolest features about this game in my opinion. If I remembered correctly, was I not in your estate yesterday? It was opened up in roumen and I figured I would join in to see what was going on. (Might not have been you, but they were in Underworld).

    I forgot how visually pleasing the furniture was, and the way that It feels like something entirely different when decorating. Kind of like a decorating game inside an MMO. It is definitely unique and I would love to see more implementations for this feature.

    I remember the Outspark forum days... I was a huge advocate for unlocking the area linked to the beach - which I don't remember if they said was impossible or not. +1 +1 +1 to this whole thread.

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  • There was another thread recently about adding new features to the estate that would expand the regular gameplay as opposed to it being a completely separate function. If people like to decorate, that's fine, but for it to actually be used there needs to be more than just decorating.




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  • There was another thread recently about adding new features to the estate that would expand the regular gameplay as opposed to it being a completely separate function. If people like to decorate, that's fine, but for it to actually be used there needs to be more than just decorating.


    I'm more interested in seeing new things to do added than expanding on the social aspects to allow more people at this point.

    Also, they can't open up the second floor, apparently the devs never figured out how to allow characters to stand on two planes in the same spot at the same time, just take a look at how any map with multiple levels are handled; you'll never find a spot where characters can stand above/below each other directly. Meaning this won't happen for estates, but it was a nice ask anyway

  • I think you should change the poll I’ve hit no but I am not against it being expanded at a later date.

    I just don’t want gamigo focusing on a feature which most of the community don’t want focusing on atm. We are more interested n class balance and new end game content tbh.

    Though once we get what we’ve all wanted changing for years done ; I see no reason for this feature not to be focussed on & expanded. The time just isn’t right.