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  • As a lot of people know you have the option to make a mini estate and can have people over and relax and talk, but other than that and sitting on a bed or couch there isn't much added to it. (even after 7 years not much happened) i have an idea of adding mini games to the estate that way you can play with other guild mates or friends have some fun other than grind out levels every day. just like the water balloon fight kingdom quest or the spooky KQ that happens once a year, do something alike.

    dont know if anyone else thought about it but the estates are boring and nothing to do in them xD

    even adding farming/gardening for your own materials like saps and toadstools would be nice too

  • Having a private stash of gathering "materials" (for lacks of a better term) would be great! It could be similar to production skills where you start at, for example, mushrooms that only have the low quality drops and when you get to a certain tank you can then plant mushrooms that give normal quality, and so on. Maybe even having an S rank that would allow the planting of highest quality-level mushrooms, or at least an increased chance relative to overworld mushrooms with the ability to drop highest quality.




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  • +1! I would love for the estate system to be looked at again. I think it has some great potential to it. I think it would be nice to be able to access our storage inside as well (maybe with purchasing an unlock from the item shop). I love the idea above about adding some type of gathering system.


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  • That's a really good idea, would love it if the estates got an update. As of now I usually don't even do the quest chain to unlock them on my chars, most of the time it's not worth the hassle.

  • Absolutely love this idea. I was so obsessed with the idea of having an estate to decorate and show off, but now it's lost its luster. I remember talks about a cooking mechanic too! That would be so cool. But for now, I like the idea of having farming nodes and storage access. Even certain vendors could maybe be purchased to have inside!

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  • Logged on just to +1!

    Really loved the estate mechanic and feel like it always had a lot of potential. It's just sitting in the game waiting to be expanded upon. I'd be happy with honestly anything happening with it, so here's to hoping something does.

  • +1 I love the estates but as you mentioned, they don't hold much appeal as they are today. Adding just about ANY new feature where there are productive/fun things to do within the estate would be so worth it.

    Some additional ideas for easy adds:

    - Lucky house gambling from within your own home? Avoid the lag of everyone else in LH

    - Access to Storage/personal blacksmith & anvil (for enhancing in your own private space)

    - Personal mailbox, if they ever add the mailbox feature back in

    And a new idea completely:

    - Gardening (NOT the same as gathering) - you can plant seeds and grow a garden. Fruits/Veggies grown can act as HP/SP pots maybe? Higher quality crops = stronger healing powers. If they are worried about balancing the game, they could make these items non-tradable so you have to earn your own and can't make money from nothing. Or, balance so that a set amount of time is required to grow crops.