KQ Jail timer glitched.

  • This happened approximately 1 1/2 hours ago.

    I joined Sorah for levels 95 to 109 on my fighter. I noticed however, that noone was joining and decided to cancel participation of this KQ. And so I did.

    After doing so, I went to the Shella repeat spot for 106-109 & went afk.

    Coming back, I noticed I had been jailed. Not only that but for 27 hours! I had spoken to many people in regards to this to see if they had ever gotten any sort of timer this long and to no surprise, everyone said it had been 2 hours or less.

    So why is it that mine is bugged, giving me 27 hours? Causing my quest booster to waste.

    So all in all, there are TWO bugs.

    1. Your cancel feature for KQ's is working incorrectly.

    2. Jail time is completely bugged.

    ETA: I have never been jailed prior to this. Never. Not once.


    Update: It is fixed.

    I relogged.

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