In Game Name Change SCAM!

  • Hi Isyans!

    I just would like to warn everybody to be cautious about your in game names! There is a name change scam going on right now and several players are being sent to prison for having a funny/offensive one.

    Now if you ask me where do I stand about this name matters? ofcourse I'm against profanity as always, so what's the matter? why am I making such a fuzz about it? It is not the goal that I'm against with , it is the way they implement it.


    I know you can just delete / hide this thread whenever you find this unfavorable to you, but I just wanna give you an advice, if you really wanna do this name change scam, do it on a big scale. You'll earn big time doing it. your players are too doomb to realize that this game is just milking $ out of them, and I'm one of those doomb players too, so there you go, make it a large scale name change scam and you'll bring home tons of cash.

    Now if you really just want to sanitize your game from profanity, if you send someone to prison, why not send a name change SC item with them too? is that too much to be fair? If I remember, before if you're forcing someont to name change, right on the character menu, a msg will pop up and player will be able to name change their characters from the get go. Now that's a fair name change policy. But what you're doing right now is basically kidnap for ransom (name change). but don't get me wrong , I am against profanity in the game, so why not straight out ban those who has really offensive names? why hold them for ransom?

    Oh cmon gamigo you're well known for your money schemes tactics, we're all aware of that nothing to hide here, so if your income are not enought from Lucky Boxes ( lucky for gamigo only) and came up with this name change scam, this is your last chance to change the way you implement it and you've been warned.

    PS I wonder if this thread gets deleted by going against the house? not really im just expressing what we're observing is wrong in game, well if it got deleted / hidden, then the server must be in china :D


  • Hi sonofagod

    This isn't some new rule or some form of new punishment. If you are caught with an inappropriate name, we will deal with you in accordance to the rules. No one will receive any special treatment or exclusions.

    As this subject is not up for dicussion, this thread will now be closed.