Monster Spawn! 08/07/2020

  • monsterspawn.png

    Dear Isyans:

    Here and back again.
    The infinite test is in your grasp.
    The monsters are free so gather your arms.
    The wild hunt has just begun.

    Gathering for distribution:

    Server: Isya

    - The general rules apply to this event
    - Any interruption will be punished by a 24 hour ban.
    - You must follow the instructions of the Games Masters

    Rewards: Chests and monster drops for all participants.


    Join us Friday 08/07/2020 at 09:00 am PDT.

    This Spawn event will be divided by levels:
    80 to 105 - 09:00 am PDT
    106 to 124 - 10:00 am PDT
    125 to 135 - 11:00 am PDT

    So bring all your friends and let's enjoy the event together!

    Best wishes
    Your Fiesta Online team.

  • Definitely a lot better than last time, however, I just have a couple suggestions:

    1) Use the entire map: this makes it so the mobs arnt catered to AOE users like wizards and mages, it's HIGHLY unfair for people like tricksters,crusaders and clerics to obtain kills when everyone is spamming inferno and nova in one spot and collecting all the kills

    2) I would spread out the levels a liiiiiiiiiiiittttttttleeeeeeeeeeee bit more, seeing as how lvl 80-90s are only able to kill things up to giant caimans ( I know its time consuming to add another, just a suggestion tho, since seeing them get 1 shotted by mal is kind sad)

    and finally,

    3) I know its an event and a special occasion at that, but by chance for next time, maybe spawn mor chief monsters +? Killing slimes at 105 is kind of meh to me and not worth waking up early for :P

    OVERALL though, it was pretty neatly organize and I commend the GMs for giving it another shot. I didn't get to stay til the end because I binned when I died and got sent back to regular roumen but it's whatever, I'm about to catch the second round on my glad C:

    winkwinkIsyan since 09'winkwink

    Corpral - 110 Wizard Epith