Trickster planning to go spectre

  • hey I'm returning to the game after Being away since I was 15 I'm 27 now so it's been awhile. I chose trickster because its the closes thing to a rogue/assassin imma get. I'm only lvl 23 atm so long way to go but I plan on becoming spectre don't get me wrong I LOVE PvP but the claws in this game are pure eyesore I cant do it so I'm here to get some spectre stat build and guide since I hear they the PvP branch of this class i read the other forum post but it was pretty much a single guy saying reaper was better without actually saying it lol so id like tips from pro spectre who actually still use or main the class any info is good info also I prob can top up 50$ a month in cs if game still alive and well so that can be included in You guys advice ty ahead of time :)

  • Like Yawn said, Spec pvp is literally trash, which is why I class changed to reaper. The difference between reaper and spec in pve is negligible but the difference between reaper and spec in pvp is very clear because reaper has the pvp oriented skills such as binding blow. Spec is strong but in pvp, you'd have to basically aim, fire and hope you catch your opponent with force slash or maybe try using t5 speed scrolls, lol. Spec pvp is basically a game of Tom and Jerry or Duck-Duck-Goose probably over if you catch 'em but you'd probably just get clobbered instead.

  • If you ever get to end game you won’t even see your weapon 95% of the time especially if you raid....

    only go spec if you are mostly motivated by PVE like me. Claws look cool later on imo too.

    If they are really that much of an eye sore for you there is something else you could do as well involving the game files/cosmetics


  • This is really interesting since I always felt like duals are way uglier ^^

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  • Also a Spec main here and can confirm they are garbage in PvP unless it is a more organized group setting like GT. They have plenty of damage to one shot someone, but if no one else is around to crowd control your target you'll never be able to touch your target.

    In PvE though they are superior to Reapers and by more of a margin than some think. Fully sc'd, Specs are on par with Glads (w/o passive) for single target damage, but Reapers don't get near there. If you compare 0 sc Spec to 0 sc Reaper though, it is similar although Spec is slightly higher.

    Spec build either full str or 25 spr, rest str. CD on all soul gathering, CD and Power on Flame Slash is the basic necessity.




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