[Guide] - How to make a report

  • Some behaviors in-game can be annoying, especially when they come from rule-breaking. Breaking more rules to fight back won't help anyone, especially not you.

    We encourage you to send a report so we can deal with those issues. Here are a few lines on how to send a proper report.



    • Put a clear subject for your message, then it will be easier for us to handle your report.
    • You have to explain clearly what happened, in what conditions and who the involved players were. (Who, What, When, Why, Where)
    • For reasons of fairness, we can't take any decision without having the proper and indisputable evidence. For your report to be taken into consideration, it will have to be sent with an uncropped, unedited screenshot (or video), clearly showing the infraction, attached to it. Be aware that many infractions can't be clearly identified on screenshots. If you have the possibility, take a video by using a recording device, upload it online on an uploader such as google drive, wetransfer or dropbox and add the link to your report. Please do NOT use YouTube, we will no longer accept videos from YouTube.
    • If you are submitting a video, please make sure you record at a minimum of 720p at a format that we can view (no fancy formats like FLA!). Please ensure that you yourself can make out the details of the video, such as names and please DO NOT record with your Mobile Phone.
    • When you are taking the screenshot or recording a short video, move your mouse over the 'time-bar'. When you do so the date & day will pop-up. It is mandatory to put the cursor over the time bar in order to show the date..

    Remember that it is strictly forbidden to blacklist other players on the forum or in-game, you can't post a thread denouncing a player's behavior on the forum, or shout in town saying what this player did and how unacceptable it is, your complaint being justified or not.



    • Watch your language. A clear, well-written report has more chances to be understood the right way.
    • Remain polite, during the infraction as well as while you write the report.
    • Don't feed the fire. If someone kill-steals you, responding by insulting him or spamming him with various threats won't be good for you either.
    • If you report bad language, think about widening your chat box to the max so we can have a clear overview of the conversation.
    • Host your screenshots online if you're unable to upload them into your mail. There are many image hosts available online which will allow you to send us direct links to your image. Don't use your Album's Link if you have one, but a direct link. (You can use imageshack.us if you are registered there or tinypic/ Puush, but there are many others)
    • If you host your screenshots online and send us a link, think about making the pictures private. Remember: Screenshots used in reports are not to be spread or shown around.
    • Sign your report with your in-game and server name.
    • Don't go on a personal Vendetta. Try to deal with your private issues privately as much as possible.


    What can I report someone for?

    Basically, any rule-breaking you are the witness of. We encourage players to denounce any gold spammer/ scammer or anyone asking someone else for his account details, it would be better if the player concerned by the report could make it. So if you heard about a friend/guild member or any player being harassed/ a victim of kill-stealing/ scammed/ (...) encourage him/her to make a report. You might not have all the keys or facts about the problem and the point of view of a third person might not be the most accurate one. Maybe they were able to sort it out by themselves, which is the best solution.

    To know what is or isn't allowed, we strongly encourage you to read the Game Rules.

    You won't be notified of any action taken against the player's behavior you reported and sometimes you can feel like no action has been taken at all. GM's will never give any information about given punishments.


    Possible penalties

    • Friendly hint / tip.

    • Official Warning.

    • Jail Time (Progressive)

    • Account Ban (Up to a duration or permanent)

    A player will be more severely punished if he has been warned/ jailed for the same rule breaking several times.


    Important to keep in mind

    Fake reports or made up situations aiming at misleading the GM Team for personal gain

    will be severely punished. Same goes for screenshots and other pieces of evidence

    which are dating from way too long ago or if they are edited.

    ~ Your Fiesta Online Team