• Well it depends on if you will be a sc user or not. if you will invest in a skin u can go Full STR with no issues but if not you might want to add 30 or 50 on dex for aim and eva

    Skill points:

    Nature Swiftness CD

    Aimed shot CD+DMG

    Power Shot CD+DMG

    Dazing Arrow CD+Duration

    Bomb Arrow CD+DMG (if you time it correctly it's a really good aoe)

    You will have the option to empower your kits but don't go for CD because the cast time will omit any changes so basically it will be a waste of points

    Multi shot is kittable now

    i permed my Ranger at 110 so i don't have a lot of points to play with but i'd recommend adding CD's for :

    Bone shot

    Venomous shot

    Poison shot

    Some sets to buy for effects

    Nature Set for nature swiftness

    lvl 95/20 set for power shot

    Let me know if you need anymore help !