Tips for Start Over on Isya Server!

  • Hii guys!

    Well... I decided start over on Isya

    Some tips to make money on Isya? I just figured out i can return my skin to sc inv and use it on Isya.

    I'm gonna to CAP level and i have no idea how to get good gears again.

    I would like to hear the experience of someone who came from Pagel server and is currently doing well on Isya.

    It was hard at the beginning? you had help from other people? What's the best Guild to join at the moment? ||

    I appreciate all the tips and see you all on Isya! :*

  • I just figured out i can return my skin to sc inv and use it on Isya.

    Yea, submit a Ticket and ask for that they will do it if its full health

    You have good chances for making money as a 105 perm and beeing Dropper for DT, they will pay good prices

    Temple of Gods is a good way to make money on cap lvl with a pt of 3 to 4 glads selling 135 gear

    Or a really simple way, sell SC

    You can gift people SC Items for Gems


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  • Excellent advice, but you fail to see the plank in your eye my friend. I think GM’s when time permitted, should hold events on the less populated servers. Or atleast reward them with a server bonus for trying to grow the server. We need all servers to flourish, not just Isya. But in respect to the OP, the advice given is solid, just be aware of scammers. Making gems is quite difficult on Isya due to market saturation, but there’s many areas that require people to make items. Example, T3 stones... if you can make those they are in high demand due to increased population. Other than that I would suggest joining a more active Academy.

  • It really depends on the class(s) you plan on playing. I came from Jenira and did something similar last november but had a bit of a head-start as I had some stuff on the server (I still struggled a lot due to the class I picked). If I were to do it from scratch it would be to cap a HK and make a perm lv 50 to farm Honeying/MD KQ for weps/jewels to fund that HK and cap it (easiest route imo). Then farm using that HK to make more money then do whatever (you'd need to be highly sociable to do this at a faster pace as clerics require parties for rapid leveling). Using the perm lv 50 to fund a char would work with other classes though it's just going to be more time consuming in different ways.

    To do this efficiently it would be best to level the character in a intermediate level guild with some capped players and other players who are also leveling but who don't have high level requirements to join the guild from the academy.
    Depending on what you want to do after that, you might want to stay in that intermediate guild and build yourself up along with your companions, maybe find people to farm capped content with.
    If you aim to raid at cap there is a plethora of capped raiding/farming guilds.

    If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up in game--my char names are in my signature.

  • If you're not Level 60 yet, I would highly recommend to join one of the top Academies (as clearly they probably pay well, that's why they're on the top of the list)..

    My Guild/Academy (OneWingedAngels) doesn't pay the highest rewards on the Server, but we have some of the most experienced and knowledgeable players in almost every aspect of the game, whether it's Levelling, Raiding, Farming, Stat Maximization, and general tips and tricks to just be a better player and not a Elderine AFK 'XD'er.
    Our discord is open to Academy members as wells, so you may ask for help there whenever you require or just a friendly chat~


    In my experience, leveling is NOT difficult in this game at all, given you have time and patience.

    You barely need gear as there will almost always be a group with a killer doing things, so in other words I'm telling you to just leech the Quests/Repeats.
    I would save as much money as you can until you hit around 120+ that's where the leveling slows down and you may have to find your own killer, or kill for yourself, depending on the class you decided to go with.

    If you've capped a character before, you will know most of the Quest/Repeats haven't changed, but they did add in some new Quests since the release of Ominous Valley.

    When I first came back to the game, my Lvl 120 Warlock had nothing, no gears, weapons, or money.
    So I leveled a couple of alts from 1-60 and made some money from Academy rewards. Bought myself a weapon for my 120 Warlock, enhanced to +12 using the bundles from the store, and then proceeded to get those Lvl 60's I had to Lvl 105 (I got a 105 Warlock and Gladiator now which I use for perms for DT/LN).

    Slime Coins are your best friend. There's literally nothing Slime Coins can't get you.

    Buy SC tradeable items when they are on sale, and try to sell them as cheap as possible compared to market value, and that should at least get you started for Gems.

    Weekly Charms (Enhanced Charms) are also the best thing to gift if you know someone you can trust to pay. As they sell for more than regular rates of SC.

    Try focus on leveling first instead of gearing yourself, gear can always be replaced later, and a lot of people spend too much time trying to find gear that they could've just out-leveled it if they went without it - this is probably the best advice I can give you.


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  • Were you able to move your skins to your SC inv? If so, how did you do it?

  • Were you able to move your skins to your SC inv? If so, how did you do it?

    You need repair your skin to get max durability again and send a ticket requesting return to your SC inv.

    I appreciate all the tips guys!

    I'm thinking about start leveling a mage (Future Warlock).

    I know how to quest and level fast... my biggest problem is the money and gears. I don't know if I can get far in the game just leveling without cares about it :(

    Some tip about where farm at high lvl? Its boring for me farm low lvl gears to sell.

  • Well, as Rei said, use SC and you wont have any problem getting money. If you dont want to use SC then maybe ddf and cap farm, cause everything else is hard to sell and really cheap. You can stop at 105 for a while and try to sell LN maybe.

  • You don't need great wep/gear before DDFs. Just buy the cheapest stuff you can find using academy money. Can even use monarch/vault wep and the free 35 gear from quest until 60/65.




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  • currently there seems to be a freeze on academies rewards due to some who are pleveling alts and abusing the systems to boost their academy and guild scores. That's hurting everybody, not just the groups doing it.

  • That is probably just certain guilds removing acad rewards to prevent their gem savings from being depleted by people outside the guild. There isn't any mechanic in game that is outright stopping acad rewards.




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  • It's all about connections and the time you put into it. Best suggestion is be friendly with everyone because most people are always down to help. Alot of people have mains. Knowing the right person can go a long ways, boosting in DT or getting powerleveled in LN or having a killer for repeat quests.