The_Gods_Of_War Is Recruiting All Social/Friendly Butterflies :D

  • The_Gods_of_War


    As A Player Since The Start of Fiesta, Originating From The Server TEVA :D

    The_Gods_of_War is recruiting all active and social Butterflies :D. We are a new guild as 07-01-2020, We Will have Weekly PVE Schedules(Including Raids/Dungeon/Quest/Leveling help) and PVP experience's, bringing back Wars within City Limits :D .

    All Player who would like to join Please Message Luvable_Magic/The_Goddess_ , which is Our Current Guild Master or just contact any of our Members in-game. We would love to invite everyone to join no level Requirements . All we ask is to Treat all players you come across with Respect., Discord info will be in Guild info.


  • Heya. I'd be interested in joining. Is there anyone in-game currently?

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